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From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

DON’T READ ON Laughter is poison. It represents the deterioration of our society, and I hate it. I resent jokes and pranks and good times and clutch-your-belly giggles. Humor is dead, and we’d all benefit from cutting ourselves off. I’m a realist. The cup isn’t

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

WRAMBLIN’ WRECK My dad’s heart broke, and I’m the one who did it. I was a senior in high school, and it was the day my dad asked if CU Denver had a softball team. The look on his face gave it all away—his shock, sadness,

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

Over the past few years, I’ve allowed parts of myself to seep into my editorial writing. Readers have seen the dimensions of my personal life as I’ve revealed bits and pieces; from my moments of inspiration to my weaknesses to my academic strides to my

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

Working in a communication field has its perks. As a member of the press, I’ve been granted numerous opportunities—from attending enticing events to creating a portfolio of published work to giving me the tools to write effectively in AP Style, the Sentry has been kind

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

My last semester of college is defined by service learning. Three of my communication classes have 10 hours each of volunteer work, where I’m expected to serve and engage with my community through experiential learning. This past weekend I walked away from my first set

From the Editor //

Like most people, I’ve allocated an appropriate amount of time to exploring and understanding my own fears. As of today, mine are nothing extravagant—they exist in my brain’s amygdala, rarely triggered and thought of. Among meager things, like unlikely perilous situations or trauma or the

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

Sickness puts everything into perspective. Since our last production night, I’ve found myself in a cycle of illness, with fevers, aches, congestion, and more phlegm manufacturing than my body can handle. For the first time in years I had to miss our weekly pitch meeting—to

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FROM THE EDITOR // Savannah Nelson

Until I went to college, I was the queen of bad writing habits. I thought starting a piece with a quote, inserting clichés, and asking rhetorical questions made my writing stand out among my peers. CU Denver’s English Writing program quickly snapped me out of

FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

After a blustery, snow-filled vacation, school is back in session. Denver has welcomed me back with its usual big city comforts: expensive parking at every corner, geese feces littering the sidewalk, and stressed students rushing to their classes, wishing they could extend their couch time

From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

It’s the best time of the year: I live for Christmas. Not only does CU Denver have an outrageously long (and appreciated) winter break, the holiday is filled with extensive cheer: there are simple traditions and family time and a quiet return to my hometown.