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Picture not up to date

I redact everything I said about two weeks ago about using my hair as a restorative and healing process—that was bullshit. I’m too impatient and couldn’t handle the blonde anymore (I cringed every time I stepped into the sun because it shined so bright it brought

The good and the bad

It was about a week ago I found myself in my usual routine to class. It was on the way that I saw a woman sat at a desk, crying. Her phone was in her hand as she nodded to the screen, wiping the tears

Bad Hair Days

I’ve decided to dedicate my column this week to my hair. Granted, if you’re reading this issue in print you probably can’t discern the fact that my hair is half blonde but for the sake of this column, I’m telling you now: the front half

Birthday Blues

I entered this world on Sunday, Sept. 5, 1999 at 2:08 p.m. And by the time you read this column, it will be approximately 26 hours before I officially celebrate turning 20 years old. If you asked pubescent Jaleesia what she would be doing at 20

The Sentry’s Most Wanted

My headshot for my column this year looks like a mug shot, and if that’s any consolation for how this year is going to go, take it only as a good sign. Why, you might ask? Well, first let’s go back to what the purpose


You know the bittersweet feeling you get when you finish watching an entire series of a really good show? The feeling of sadness that it is over but the feeling of accomplishment and joy that you were able to come along on the journey to

I’m not a loser, neither are you

When I was first told that I was nominated for Colorado Student Leader of the Year, my first response was “Ummm, what??” I don’t do nearly as many cool things as other students I know; why would I be nominated? All the way up until

Happily ever after

Eight years ago, a dancing plate and a dancing corkscrew became friends. Three years after that, they started dating. Five years after that, they got engaged. And yes, I am that plate. My now fiancé (ooo, it’s still so new and fun to say that

Superlatives are the worst

Welcome to our last issue of the semester—our annual Best/Worst issue, where we rank various aspects of the year, our school, and life with various superlatives. This issue is meant to be a fun, light-hearted wrap up to the year and give the students a

The Real Monsters

I went to my second real haunted house this year. It took a little convincing, but I went. And, as it turns out, haunted houses are not that scary. Well, compared to scary movies anyway. And movies are not as scary as books. And the scariest