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Profoundest campus speaker

FEELING THE BERN IN THE TIVOLI TURNHALLE As a university, CU Denver has been deeply privileged to welcome such an eloquent series of speakers to grace students with their thoughts and perceptions of society. Not to generalize every speaker that has come to campus or

Worst Day Ever

DOOMSDAY: NOVEMBER 16, 2016 The 2016 election day was one for the books. After an intense and exhaustive campaign season, many Americans were shocked when Donald Trump, businessman and new politician, became the 45th President of the United States. Just eight years ago, the US

Loudest, Most Obnoxious Opinion

CONSERVATIVE MILLENNIALS AND A MOUTHPIECE It’s unclear who is louder: is it television personality Tomi Lahren or the boys who share her videos and sit uncomfortably close in class? Like her, they’re white, defensive, and can’t seem to see the veil of privilege that they

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Realest television moment

SNL RESPONDS TO THE ELECTION The realest moment on television came from a comedy show that decided to press pause on humor. Following the presidential election, Kate McKinnon opened Saturday Night Live with a hallowing performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” dressed in full Hillary Clinton

Most exciting gentrification

SHAKE SHACK GRACES DENVER’S PRIVILEDGED Denver is saturated in the craft burger department: Illegal Burger, BurgerFi, Smashburger, Larkburger, and Park Burger, just to name a few. Simultaneously, Denver is seeing an unprecedented stream of outsiders who have put the social landscape of the city in

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Most cringe-worthy protests

PEACEFUL: THE CONSTITUTION SAID ‘PEACEFUL’ Since the start of election season, protesting and expression of free speech have been at the forefront of society’s minds, especially around Downtown Denver and Auraria Campus. Though there have been many peaceful and respectful protests, there have been an

Worst Campus Renovations

DID ANYONE SERIOUSLY ASK FOR THIS? Over the last year, students have become accustomed to the sounds of construction workers drilling at concrete, putting up drywall, and ripping out carpet around campus. As beneficial and pleasing to the eyes as some of the changes have

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Shittiest Bathrooms on Campus

IS THAT A GLORYHOLE? The Tivoli Student Union is one of the most iconic landmarks that has represented Auraria Campus since it first opened in the early 1900s. It has become a place to study in cozy niches, buy supplies for any classroom needs, and

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Scariest, Media-Fueled, Hate-Mongering Candidate

DONALD TRUMP IS STILL IN THE RACE Donald Trump is the ultimate example of pop culture in the US overtly affecting political outcomes. His success hasn’t come from having great policies or a wealth of experience in the political realm, but instead from playing on

Cheapest Administrative CU System Policy

HOURLY CAP IS CRAP Student employees at CU Denver have come across an unfortunate new administrative policy in the past year, which capped workers to 25 hours per week. For many, this unfortunate ruling cut hours as much as half, and disallowed students to fund