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Artist most deserving of a mass fan following

#TeamTAYLOR // Savannah Nelson Taylor Swift, at age 27, is a music mogul and icon in all things popular culture. Her rise to fame as an artist has created an unshakable network of fans over the years, as she’s transitioned into a household name. Boy,

Sincerest Political Commentary

SETH MEYERS APPEALED TO THE PEOPLE In the true spirit of election season, comedic political commentary was at its height after President Trump was elected into office, giving comedians and talk show hosts an inch which was quickly stretched into a proverbial mile. Late-night hosts

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Coziest off-campus study spot

STELLA’S IS JUST AS COMFY AS GRANDMAS HOUSE For those needing to cram before a biology exam or write a thesis just weeks before it’s due, the Starbucks in the Tivoli isn’t cutting it as a study spot anymore. Another student-friendly, cozy study spot has

Best place to avoid responsibilities

DROWN YOUR SORROWS IN A BASKET OF FRIES When the Tivoli Brewery reopened its doors in 2014, the reception was low-key. It was a brewery on campus, after all—introducing intoxication to the grounds of a learning institution: How well could those two entities mix? As

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Happiest happy hour near campus

GET THE MOST DRUNK FOR YOUR BUCK Being a college student means being on a budget, and socializing can be expensive. Enter Tom’s Urban, located on the corner of Larimer Square and 15th Street. Tom’s Urban has the happiest hour within walking distance of campus.

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Cutest space for a first date

FREE ALCOHOL AND FLOWERS Dating is hard. From painstakingly finding the right way to ask that special someone out to deciding which scent of deodorant to slather on, myriads of factors influence and steep that frustration. So when it comes to finding a place where

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Profoundest campus speaker

FEELING THE BERN IN THE TIVOLI TURNHALLE As a university, CU Denver has been deeply privileged to welcome such an eloquent series of speakers to grace students with their thoughts and perceptions of society. Not to generalize every speaker that has come to campus or

Worst Day Ever

DOOMSDAY: NOVEMBER 16, 2016 The 2016 election day was one for the books. After an intense and exhaustive campaign season, many Americans were shocked when Donald Trump, businessman and new politician, became the 45th President of the United States. Just eight years ago, the US

Loudest, Most Obnoxious Opinion

CONSERVATIVE MILLENNIALS AND A MOUTHPIECE It’s unclear who is louder: is it television personality Tomi Lahren or the boys who share her videos and sit uncomfortably close in class? Like her, they’re white, defensive, and can’t seem to see the veil of privilege that they

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Realest television moment

SNL RESPONDS TO THE ELECTION The realest moment on television came from a comedy show that decided to press pause on humor. Following the presidential election, Kate McKinnon opened Saturday Night Live with a hallowing performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” dressed in full Hillary Clinton