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@realdonaldtrump’s best moments on social media

making america confused again President Donald Trump has had many interesting moments on social media in the past decade—especially on Twitter, seemingly the President’s favorite site. He is known to tweet at early hours and make humorous spelling errors that circulate the internet as memes

Ben Neufeld’s best (and not worst) friends

the cream of the crop of his friends This article is a list of Benjamin Neufeld’s (me) best friends. Matt: A very good friend. I’ve known him for about six years, but we’ve only been friends for five. Still, I have made many memories with

Reboots, sequels, and fanchise fatigue

the best and worst of this year on the silver screen 2019 has been a year packed full of movies coming from Hollywood that are either reboots of old movies or sequels. While the rule has been the original film is always better, lately the

Pepperonis on pizza: best thing since sliced bread?

And what about anchovies? The best pizza topping of all time is a simple one that everyone has had, and everyone can agree upon. An item invented in the United States and eaten internationally. It is pork and beef, mixed together with chili pepper, more

The best video game of the year has no name

Untitled Goose Game 2019 has been a year of many great video games. Blair Witch terrified the masses, Days Gone provided all with a heart-wrenching story set in the zombie apocalypse, and Observation led the player on a Kubrickian-style adventure to space. However, the real

Rocketman failed to lift off

Elton John makes the year’s worst biopic Trailers for Rocketman looked promising. Rather than a traditional rock star biopic, director Dexter Fletcher promised a musical fantasy, in which Elton John’s popular songs were integrated throughout his life story like a Broadway musical. With John’s colorful

Most effective and off-putting marketing campaign

In June 2018, beloved breakfast restaurant IHOP announced on social media that they would be changing their name to IHOb, causing the internet to explode. While the name change was merely a part of an elaborate campaign to increase their business, it has proven itself

Best moments at The Sentry

  The Sentry is known by CU Denver students as a weekly newspaper, but it is much more than that. Behind the scenes, The Sentry is composed of dedicated and witty staffers who share good laughs during their Tuesday and Thursday meetings. These best moments

Staff picks: Best memes of 2018

“This meme is the best meme of the year because I made it. It’s inspirational, it’s timely, and Samuel L. Jackson is the most legit face to ever grace a meme. It encompasses important themes, like taking chances on the things that matter the most

Superlatives are the worst

Welcome to our last issue of the semester—our annual Best/Worst issue, where we rank various aspects of the year, our school, and life with various superlatives. This issue is meant to be a fun, light-hearted wrap up to the year and give the students a