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Joker controversy is a misguided stab at a misunderstood character

DC film isn’t perfect, but surely isn’t evil Before even being released, Joker established such a controversial buzz that the US military released a precautionary statement beforehand. With devastating events like the Aurora, Colorado shooting, this is certainly understandable. Centered around a canon that now

Should children be political activists?

Leave the responsibility to adults Opinion by Amanda Blackman When it comes to serious issues, children should not be leading the charge. The entire purpose of activism is to influence those with opposing viewpoints. When that job is doled out to someone with an undeveloped

The Plot Thickens

The Intern This summer I didn’t do much of anything. At least, that’s how it feels. I went home for the week of my mother’s birthday at the beginning of July, and at the end of the summer I went on a three day camping

Gotham City

The following story occurred the night of Oct. 12:  I decided to brush aside the negative connotations associated with Joker when I decided to see it with a group of friends late at night. This isn’t a story about Joker but I will say this:

In Time

There’s nothing that messes with your perception of time more than a microwave. Perhaps this is just me but two minutes waiting for a bag of popcorn consists of a whole trip to the laundry room AND folding my clothes only to find out I

Unpaid internships are unethical free labor

All work should be compensated Internships are an amazing opportunity for college students. They give students a chance to better understand their field and they teach a lot about how the workplace operates. Students get to learn in a real-world environment. However, many internships are

Will new on-campus housing increase community?

It creates more free time to engage Opinion by Tommy Clift Whether it be Student Life, The Global Education Office, or the Diversity and Inclusion Office, from an organization’s perspective, student engagement is one of the hardest challenges facing a commuter campus. And why wouldn’t

The Plot Thickens

Joker As I was walking to the office yesterday, I decided that maybe I should dress up as The Joker for Halloween. I figured it was about time to revisit that outfit, as I haven’t been The Joker since 2008. I also figured there would

Should canvassers be on college campuses?

They’re not trying to harass people Opinion by Lorraine Kelly Everyone has seen a canvasser before and felt the panic. “Oh, no, someone’s going to try to talk to me and I have places to be.” It can be anxiety-inducing to have a stranger yell

The Plot Thickens

Strangers on a Train When I was getting dressed last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to wear black jeans. I have two pairs of denim that fit that description. One I use exclusively for when it rains or snows heavily, as it’s much thicker