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Monthly SGA Update

A final update and farewell Over the course of the past year, my colleague and friend Frida Silva and I have had the privilege to oversee and lead the student body in the most titular position of leadership a student can hold. We have experienced

Letter to the Editor

Kennedy is a Microcosm of Millenial Civics I could use these 500 words to talk about Mark Kennedy as a politician, a businessman, or an academic. I could mention that his voting record, in reference to Brian Keegan’s article titled, “Mark Kennedy is a Mediocre Ideologue,”“more

The Call of the Void

Behind the column “The Call of the Void” was inspired by the imperfect English translation of the French phrase L’Appel du vide. In short, L’Appel du vide is that tiny voice in your head that gives you the inclination or urge you might feel to,


You know the bittersweet feeling you get when you finish watching an entire series of a really good show? The feeling of sadness that it is over but the feeling of accomplishment and joy that you were able to come along on the journey to

Guest Column

In January I had planned to go to meetings and events for both the Black Student Alliance and Latino Student Alliance, since I am both. I never did. For a couple of months I found myself trying to decide which ethnicity I identified most with.

Should Denver have curfews for people under 18?

It hinders teens from having fun Opinion by Kennedy Erhart Denver’s recent enforcement of the 11 p.m. curfew on school nights and midnight on weekends for those under 18 is ludicrous for those just under the age cutoff. While the intentions for the curfew are

The Call of the Void

Sweet Dreams One of the rare treasures that has preceded even my time in The Sentry office is the red couch. Describing it as “the red couch” sounds a bit ominous, but it is the exact opposite actually. Everyone who has been a part of

Zoos, aquariums, and circuses should be illegal

They continue to perpetuate violence against animals Animals are fascinating creatures, and humans are aware of that—as evident from the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and even documentaries like Blue Planet streaming on Netflix. For some reason, the observation of animals in their natural habitats has