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The Plot Thickens

A New Sentry As Editor-in-Chief of The Sentry for the 2020-21 Academic Year, I’ve decided to turn The Sentry into an exclusive Christopher Nolan fan club. But, Do. Not. Worry. The Sentry will remain a weekly publication, however all the sections will be, from here

The Plot Thickens

My thoughts on the bus ride to work I often take my laptop with me to work and use it to do other work on the way to work. Here are my unadulterated thoughts while going to work today (or at least all the thoughts

PSA: Stop Having Kids

Kids Are Out, Dogs Are In  “Kids are bad. They’re evil, unnecessary little spawns of genetic selfishness. That is a science fact.” Who said this? Bill Nye. That’s right—the science guy. The days of fantasizing about little junior trekking up the front porch steps of

Should the Auraria Geese have rights?

the goose-iarchy is taking over Opinion by Frankie Spiller “My father was killed by a goose.”  This is Irene Güsehater. She sits in front of her father’s grave. The day is cold, but the souls of geese are colder. They honk in the distance, tauntingly. She

International media is not a personality

Enjoying foreign media doesn’t make you better than others This world is full of talented individuals who dedicate their time to creating wonderful and mind-blowing art. Since the invention of the internet, it has managed to keep almost everyone around the world connected in one

The Bachelor vs The Bachelorette

Bachelor is catty drama at its finest Opinion by Sang Dao When it comes to finding love on a television series, nothing can beat The Bachelor. What about The Bachelorette? It’s an inferior sibling series left in the dust. What makes The Bachelor better than

From The Editor: Embracing the New Normal

  A Message from The Sentry Dear Readers, With recent news circulating about the impending threat of Covid-19, in addition to the enforcement of social distancing, after much deliberation, The Sentry will operate as an online-only publication for the rest of the semester. In this

Should employees get fired over social media?

employees are allowed to express their opinion Opinion by Kaia Stallings It’s no secret that a large majority of the population around the world has some type of social media account. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as ways for people to express themselves and share

The Plot Thickens

Innocent Bystander The Film and Television Program produces a web series every year that is made primarily by the junior class. Over the past weekend and over next weekend, too, the web series is being shot in various parts of Denver. On Sunday, which also

Psychos, zombies, and identical twins, oh my!

a few tips on how to survive friday the 13th Both the day, Friday, and the number, 13, have been considered unlucky on their own. However, when these two powerhouses of bad fortune are combined, many dastardly people and creatures tend to crawl out from