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Most effective and off-putting marketing campaign

In June 2018, beloved breakfast restaurant IHOP announced on social media that they would be changing their name to IHOb, causing the internet to explode. While the name change was merely a part of an elaborate campaign to increase their business, it has proven itself

Best moments at The Sentry

  The Sentry is known by CU Denver students as a weekly newspaper, but it is much more than that. Behind the scenes, The Sentry is composed of dedicated and witty staffers who share good laughs during their Tuesday and Thursday meetings. These best moments

Staff picks: Best memes of 2018

“This meme is the best meme of the year because I made it. It’s inspirational, it’s timely, and Samuel L. Jackson is the most legit face to ever grace a meme. It encompasses important themes, like taking chances on the things that matter the most

Superlatives are the worst

Welcome to our last issue of the semester—our annual Best/Worst issue, where we rank various aspects of the year, our school, and life with various superlatives. This issue is meant to be a fun, light-hearted wrap up to the year and give the students a

Add-on ticket fees complicate purchases

The total price should be advertised Excessive service fees on tickets to events like live shows and sporting events are not an unfamiliar annoyance for anyone that has ever purchased a ticket to any sort of entertainment event. Essentially, the annoyance isn’t in the fees

Guest column

I have a cosmic connection to Thursdays; a lot of significant events in my life have happened on a Thursday. First off, I was born on a Thursday (that’s sort of significant!), my first day of school was on a Thursday (weird day to start school,

Holiday Drink Battle Royale: Eggnog vs Cider

Eggnog for the win Opinion by Adrian Toca The glorious seasonal drink called eggnog is a Christmas delicacy. The only thing more Christmas than the ‘nog is the milk the jolly fat man himself drinks while on his delivery route. Eggnog is the hearty and

The Call of the Void

A House Is Not a Home Going home this year for fall break was bittersweet. Bitter because I still had homework to do over break, and it’s not a break if you have homework. Bitter because a week before break, I found out my ex-boyfriend

Guest column

I’m currently in the midst of finally changing my last name, something that I’ve been meaning to do for years now but life had always interfered, and it’s had to be repeatedly pushed back until a later date. There’s fingerprinting, background checks, petitioning, and proofs

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Don’t persecute video games

VIDEO GAMES DON’T INCITE REAL-LIFE VIOLENCE There has been much debate on whether or not video games incite violence, but the truth is they don’t. The University of York conducted a study with over 3,000 participants, concluding that violent video games don’t prime players for