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“Adpocolypse” hits YouTube

New policies negatively affect creators In late 2017, YouTube and Google had a small crisis when advertisers realized their ads were showing up on ISIS propaganda YouTube videos. Affluent advertisers left in droves. YouTube and Google followed up with guideline changes. These changes were implemented

Is vlogging an artform?

Vlogging is anti-art Opinion by Amanda Blackman The practice of someone pointing a camera at themselves and vlogging may appear to be fun, but vlogging can have harmful effects for both viewers and vloggers. While my opponent will argue that vlogging is an artistic expression

Pencil Shavings

Life has changed since I started having to write a column every week. While the things I do day-to-day aren’t really any different, the way I see them is. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought my life was interesting enough

SGA Update

Greetings CU Denver! As always, we have a lot going on over at SGA. Your student representatives are working on numerous projects. The Legislation and Outreach committee is working with the University Key discount program to reach out to businesses to offer discounts to CU

Raul’s Report: Don’t come to school!

Keep your sickness at home and get well I thought that headline might grab your attention. The request here is that you don’t come to school if you’re sick. Stay home. Get well. Keep your germs to yourself and don’t infect others. Experts are calling this

Wellness Zone: Curing the post-holiday spending blues

How to attain financial wellness this year By Lesa Briggs, MS Are you still suffering from your holiday shopping spree? The calendar says late February, but many of us are still paying for the extra spending we did over the holidays. If you’re one who

We were the children raised by gun violence

Psychologically speaking, it’s easier to dehumanize each other than not. A service industry employee who stands behind a counter is more likely to be treated poorly by customers than an employee whose entire body is visible—fragmentation leads to objectification, the reduction of a complexly lived

#BlueLivesMatter is a racist response to tragedy

Officers need to be honored differently In the last two months, three Colorado police officers have been fatally shot in the line of duty. The tragic deaths of sheriff deputies Zach Parrish, Heath Gumm, and Micah Flick rallied the communities most directly affected—Highlands Ranch, Thornton,

Valentine’s Day: Yes or no?

Just another hallmark holiday Opinion by Sarai Nissan Feb. 14 is the day that many dwell over with intense anxiety. The unsurmountable pressure of getting the perfect gift for a loved one for no considerable reason, the fear of them hating it (or faking loving

Pencil Shavings

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. I always won a prize in class for my creative and interactive Valentine’s Day boxes. I went all out: spinners, moving parts, themes, and noises. Plus, giving and getting Valentines to and from classmates