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SGA Monthly Update: Meet the New Executives

ON THE HORIZON FOR SGA What is CU Denver Student Government Association, you ask? As an organization, we are the collective voice of the CU Denver student body. Much like the federal government, SGA is made up of three branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative

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Wikipedia as a valuable research tool: yes or no?

DON’T USE IT | Matthew Kriese There is no better evidence on this Earth that all humans crave to be the foremost experts in everything better than the swamp of misdirected and oftentimes blatantly wrong information known as Wikipedia. Allowing non-experts to speak authoritatively over

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

TAKING A LEAP A dying heart must be stopped entirely before it can be restored to its natural rhythm. I learned this while becoming CPR certified for the annual Lynx Student Leadership Retreat, and as our instructor moved forward with the lesson, I was stuck thinking

Commuter fees increase at Auraria

PARKING PRICES RISE ALONGSIDE STUDENT OUTRAGE At the Auraria campus, approximately 95 percent of the tri-institutional student body commutes a distance greater than five miles to campus. Many of these students drive to class, which is evident by the maxed-out capacity of three parking garages,

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

Horrified, I grabbed my laptop and started rewatching as many episodes as I could, for the unfathomable had become reality: The Office was leaving Netflix. The show I always turned to and counted on to cheer me up, to relieve my stress, to make me

Noisiest Colorado Band

SLOW CAVES: ROWDY GENRE BENDERS Surf rock is loud. Surf rock is grimy. Surf rock is Slow Caves. With their recently-released EP, Desert Minded, they’ve remained stingingly hot, since showcasing performances at SXSW ‘16 and ‘17 and CMJ. This Fort Collins-based project of slow-burning 90s

Most overplayed song

NOBODY WANTS CAKE BY THE OCEAN Late last summer, DNCE released their debut single “Cake By The Ocean,” which reached the top 10 charts in the US in almost no time. And while it may have been a worldwide hit, the song itself remained lackluster.

From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

The best and worst things in life often go hand-in-hand. It’s in our nature to compare and contrast, to hold up the top-tier while noting the bottom-dweller. Charles Dickens captured it eloquently in his opening to A Tale of Two Cities, with “It was the

Most ‘feelz’ inducing song

ENGULFED IN BLANKETS OF SOMBER In March 2017, indie-pop artist Lorde released two singles from her upcoming album, Melodrama, almost four years after her debut album Pure Heroine. The most recent single to come out, “Liability,” hits listeners right in the feels because of its

Most tragic venue closure

DENVER SHUTS DOWN DIY VENUES IN RINO This past year Denver and other cities have faced the repercussions of the overwhelming epidemic of gentrification. The River North area of Denver (RiNo) housed two of Denver’s DIY music and art venues: Rhinoceropolis (Rhino) and GLOB. The