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Developing From a Negative

Celebrities I Want to Photograph [Unranked]  Charlie Chaplin  Freddy Mercury  David Bowie  Lucille Ball  Desi Arnaz  Stan Laurel  Oliver Hardy  Alan Rickman  Marlene Dietrich  Franklin D. Roosevelt  Nikola Tesla  Papa Emeritus III  Charles Ebbets  Thomas Kelley  Margaret Bourke-White  Amelia Earhart  John F. Kennedy  Fred Astaire 

Developing From a Negative

Social Distancing Movie Watchlist Alien (1979) Alive (1993) Apollo 13 (1995) The Breakfast Club (1985) Buried (2010) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) Cast Away (2000) Clue (1985) Cube (1997) Finding Forrester (2000) Flowers in the Attic (1987) Flight of the Phoenix (2004) Frozen (2010) Gravity (2013) Home Alone (1990) Interstellar (2014) Identity (2003) The Island (2005) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) Jumanji:

Debunking criticism of a misunderstood philosophy

Socialism briefly explained As a word, socialism often has a negative connotation. Media pundits and politicians sometimes throw the word around without an understanding of the history and ideology behind it. With the real possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming the next president of the United

Developing From a Negative

But I Have a 1D I love to quote movies and television shows. I am sure that more than half of what I say on a daily basis originated from entertainment.  This is the same with my partner and we often find ourselves quoting entire monologues

An open letter to major movie studios

Dear major movie studios, moviegoers are fed up with what they’re getting. Where to start with the mistakes? It seems as though all studios care about these days is money. It’s easy to understand why; the more money these easy cash-grab films make means there’s

Developing From a Negative

Pinhole The modern-day camera’s humble beginnings can be dated back to the invention of the camera obscura or ‘dark chamber’ in Latin.  Early applications of this optical device were used by painters and drawers as a way to better replicate their subject matter.  Once light

American studios should stop remaking foreign films

it’s disrespectful in more ways than one Recently, advertisements for the film Downhill have been circulating that depict the film as a witty comedy about a father abandoning his family during an avalanche. What the ads don’t mention though, is that it’s a remake of

Developing From a Negative

Snacking I love a good snack.  In fact, my partner has often told me that if I ruled a country the motto on my flag would be, “I need a snack,” based on how often I say that to her.  She has gone on to add

Give Waluigi the solo video game he deserves

luigi’s nemesis should have time in the spotlight The Mario franchise has had a hold on the gaming community for decades. Nintendo has managed to create the most popular video game character in the world; not just figuratively, but literally. Over 507 million Mario games

Developing From a Negative

Her Friend It wasn’t until I was in a semi-out gay relationship that I started to really enjoy and seek out LGBTQIA+ media and entertainment. Now that I am fully out and established gay, I make it a point to support the community as much