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Developing From a Negative

Sir Edward Being a cat mom to a small leopard, better known as a Bengal, is not an easy job or for the faint of heart.  These cats are known to be high maintenance, but that idea doesn’t stop with their pretentious diet or their

Facebook bans contextually explicit emojis

the social network gets picky in all the wrong ways Facebook and its partner company Instagram have announced that it will begin to remove, flag, and potentially ban accounts that use emojis in a sexual context. This means that, for example, a user’s account can

Women’s soccer team has their last season

How club sports will be  affected by new dorms As new dorms move in, the CU Denver’s Women’s Soccer team is moving out. Most teams are either moving to continue playing elsewhere, or disbanding and discontinuing their membership as part of the CU Denver community entirely.

Developing From a Negative

The Scottish Play The world of theatre comes with many superstitions, like leaving a lamp lit onstage overnight so the empty theatre would not be cast in complete darkness, thus giving the resident ghosts the ability to perform onstage.  Another superstition involves a curse placed

The Sentry at the National College Media Convention in D.C.

critiques, keynote speakers, and creating a podcast by Jaleesia Fobbs, Samantha Register, and Alexander Elmore Every year the Associated Collegiate Press hosts a conference where student publications of any type across the country are invited to attend workshops, have their publications critiqued, attend lectures by

Developing From a Negative

The Chosen One In early 2013 I began writing a Phantom of the Opera fanfiction with a fellow phan (fan) online.  We wanted to correct the plot points we disagreed with from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version of the story.  Neither of us were out

Creative Halloween costume ideas

Cheap, fun, and safe costumes everyone can enjoy Although one of the more fun holidays, Halloween can be difficult. College age students are forced to come up with a plethora of costumes for “Halloweekend”, which is basically just an excuse to get absolutely smashed. It’s

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How to cope when you want to mope

ways to combat seasonal affective disorder As the warmer days begin to end and Colorado buckles down for another six-month winter, a significant amount of people start to struggle with more than just digging their cars out of the snow.   Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately

Developing From a Negative

Vintage Times I tend to hold outdated opinions about entertainment and media.  The most prevalent of these opinions is the fact that music sounds best when played from a vinyl record through a gramophone, that photographs should be captured with either a dry collodion emulsion on

Developing From a Negative

The Pit The photographs in photobooth are from my first proper photography pit experience at a concert.  I’ve photographed large scale concerts before, but they were from the soundboard and these two experiences are extremely different.  Capturing concerts from the soundboard requires a longer focal