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Marcia Neville kicks off a career

COMMUNICATION IS A TEAM A SPORT Sports and teamwork are important to Marcia Neville. In fact, she’s made a career out of them. Neville grew up hopping around the country, landing in Denver after graduating from Ithaca College with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio &

Soaked in Bleach: A documentary that speaks the truth

HOW DID KURT COBAIN REALLY DIE? It’s Tuesday, April 5, 1994. Every news and radio channel is covering the same story, none with a definitive answer. It was reported that a body was found in east Seattle with self-inflicted shotgun wounds to the head. Once

Roller-skating monsters compete in championship

HALLOWEEN-THEMES WOMEN’S ROLLER DERBY The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls League participated in a post-season event on Oct. 28. The championship for the league was on Oct. 14; this event served as a way to celebrate the end of the season while incorporating Halloween festivities. The

The AVS 5K races its way through Denver

A FUN, NON-COMPETITIVE EVENT FOR ALL AGES The AVS 5K event, held at the Pepsi Center in collaboration with the Colorado Avalanche and the Dawg Nation Foundation, had a huge turnout this year. The event was charity-based, with five dollars of the $40 entrance fee

Rockies host CU alumni at annual CU Night

On Friday, Aug. 18, the Colorado Rockies hosted the Milwaukee Brewers for their annual CU Night. 22-year-old right-handed Pitcher, German Marquez, took the mound looking for his tenth win of the season. In his first at bat, Rockies’ Center elder Charlie Blackmon gained momentum for

Most inspirational day

UTOPIAN MOMENT: JANUARY 21, 2017 A Facebook event emerged shortly after Hillary Clinton conceded the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump. The “Women’s March on Washington” was created by a Hawaii native, Teresa Shook, as a way to counter the election results, and express solidarity for

The Rockies win opening day in Denver

A SOLD OUT CROWD SHOWED UP AT COORS On Friday, April 7 the Colorado Rockies returned to Coors Field for their Opening Day, looking to win their first series at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Coors Field was at capacity with over 49,000 fans

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Lacrosse builds more than sportsmanship

CU DENVER CLUB SPORTS BUILDS A COMMUNITY As the campus shifts out of the dreary months of winter and into the closing weeks of the semester, students are coming to terms with what might be the most difficult time of the academic calendar one CU

Annual Burton US Open hits Vail

The Burton US Open brings Olympic-hopeful professional snowboarders to Vail, Colo. for a weekend of intense competition. The annual showcase took place on Feb. 27-March 4 for the 35th year in a row. For many that compete it’s a stop on the trek to win

The Patriots make Super Bowl history

AN UNFORESEEN COMEBACK AND FIFTH TITLE WIN Super Bowl LI took place on Sunday, Feb. 5 as the Atlanta Falcons took on the New England Patriots in Houston, Texas. Audience members enjoyed a pre-game performance of “America the Beautiful,” where Hamilton cast mates Rene Elise