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The Sentry at the National College Media Convention in D.C.

critiques, keynote speakers, and creating a podcast by Jaleesia Fobbs, Samantha Register, and Alexander Elmore Every year the Associated Collegiate Press hosts a conference where student publications of any type across the country are invited to attend workshops, have their publications critiqued, attend lectures by

Creative Halloween costume ideas

Cheap, fun, and safe costumes everyone can enjoy Although one of the more fun holidays, Halloween can be difficult. College age students are forced to come up with a plethora of costumes for “Halloweekend”, which is basically just an excuse to get absolutely smashed. It’s

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How to cope when you want to mope

ways to combat seasonal affective disorder As the warmer days begin to end and Colorado buckles down for another six-month winter, a significant amount of people start to struggle with more than just digging their cars out of the snow.   Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately

How Gotama & Buddhism offer a solution to suffering

Gotama’s remedy: a sugar rush subsides Atypical Monday, a typical United-Statesian college student:   Student thinks, Damn, I can’t even hear what Professor Monotone is saying, I just want to be in bed re-watching The Office. Student enters a beet-stained daze. Alas, student reaches bed

Control the tool that has caused more deaths first

There should be a gun ban before a vaping ban On Sept. 11, the Trump administration announced it would begin the process of banning the sale of flavored e-cigarette products, including menthol flavored vapes. The policy is in response to the six people across the

Facebook’s new dating app is altogether a bad idea

Don’t trust a company that has lied before Facebook, the platform whose controversies include allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data of 87 million users for political purposes, to contributing to the current genocide in Myanmar, apparently thinks launching a new dating app is the

Labeling people based on clothing choices is offensive

Fashion does not equate personality This past summer saw a certain trend circulating the internet: girls with hydroflasks, colorful scrunchies laid across their wrists, all while repeating the ever-so catchy phrase, “and I oop—.” Looking to today, variations of these videos and photos can be

It’s okay to fail

Falling short can lead to greatness The Disney movie Meet the Robinsons has a scene where Lewis, a teenage orphan, was showing his latest invention to a family interested in adopting him. As he began demonstrating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich-making machine, the mechanisms

The best music to listen to while studying

Three genres to get the most productivity The sound of silence can become deafening when trying to study. Sometimes it can be hard to look at screens or textbooks and try to concentrate when it can be tempting to go on social media or watch

Tim Burton is too scary

Claymation is more frightening than fun While there are a lot of ways to get spooky, like going to haunted houses, corn mazes, or performing a good old-fashioned seance in a graveyard, the best Halloween tradition involves cuddling up to watch a scary movie. And