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American studios should stop remaking foreign films

it’s disrespectful in more ways than one Recently, advertisements for the film Downhill have been circulating that depict the film as a witty comedy about a father abandoning his family during an avalanche. What the ads don’t mention though, is that it’s a remake of

Developing From a Negative

Snacking I love a good snack.  In fact, my partner has often told me that if I ruled a country the motto on my flag would be, “I need a snack,” based on how often I say that to her.  She has gone on to add

Give Waluigi the solo video game he deserves

luigi’s nemesis should have time in the spotlight The Mario franchise has had a hold on the gaming community for decades. Nintendo has managed to create the most popular video game character in the world; not just figuratively, but literally. Over 507 million Mario games

Developing From a Negative

Her Friend It wasn’t until I was in a semi-out gay relationship that I started to really enjoy and seek out LGBTQIA+ media and entertainment. Now that I am fully out and established gay, I make it a point to support the community as much

Developing From a Negative

The Rewatch II Last week I wrote on the topic of how I gauge the quality of a television show and that is by their rewatch value.  Some may believe that Game of Thrones (GoT) was a creative revolution in television but since the questionable

Is it worth it? Lemme work it.

the pros and cons of a sugar parent-sugar child relationship A Sugar Daddy/Momma is, according to, a man or woman with, “Abundant resources… looking for someone to share in his (or her) extraordinary life.” Rich men and women share their wealth in meaningful ways in

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Developing From a Negative

The Rewatch What is ‘best’ in entertainment fluctuates from person to person but there are certain pieces of entertainment that transcend all obstacles to become staples of our society.  The shows that first come to my mind that hold this level of popularity are: I

Developing From a Negative

The Art of the Game My partner and I rotate between two core gaming groups and filter in and out of others throughout the year.  This gives us great opportunities to play many different types of games with many different types of gamers.  For most

Cheyenne and Arapaho commemoration seeks healing

Remembering the sand creek massacre by Claire Duncombe Despite the freezing temperatures of early morning, a crowd gathered in the snow of Denver’s Riverside Cemetery. They stood before Captain Silas S. Soule’s gravesite and began the last day of the 21st Annual Sand Creek Massacre

Developing From a Negative

Be Prepared Astrophotography has always interested me, but the locations aren’t dark enough so long exposures of the sky are few and far away.  During winter break my partner and I escaped the cold weather of Colorado and flew to Hawaii.  Not only are these