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People should engage in more role-playing games

Role-playing is better than video games In our digital age where most people have at least one foot in virtual reality, it is nice to find a reason to reconnect with friends or find some new ones in the real world. Role-playing games like Dungeons

Art supplies

X-Ray Vision I’m bad at selfies, and I usually hate other photos of myself, so when I’m doing portraits of someone and they’re uncomfortable, I honestly understand. I mean, I’ve never actually seen my own face. I’ve seen my (flipped) face in a mirror, and

It’s Immaterial

Bodily Insecurities It’s interesting how insecurities can come and go with age. I had someone almost come into my life (a big beefy dude who I caught feelings for, and it ended with me getting brutally, yet somehow affectionately, friend-zoned) and seeing his body brought

Auraria should commit to cleaner air

Tobacco and smoking are freedoms that have consequences Since February 2015, the Auraria Campus has placed several designated smoking locations throughout the campus and has taken a more aggressive stance on the use of tobacco and other vaporizer-type devices. Admittedly, before this policy change, there

Art Supplies

Hello Fear You know what’s really weird? Being a human who gets paid for the output of their creative brain for a business’ needs.  Let me be specific: I am afraid that every time I go to shoot something for a paid assignment, the muse

Satire: Alex Jones vs Marco Rubio

The Absolute Weirdest Fight of All Time Unless people have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, they would know that this is one of the weirdest times to be alive. People are living inside of the “How could it get

It’s Immaterial

Too Many Epiphanies At least 4,000 times. That’s my rough estimate for how many times I’ve listened to my favorite song “Iron Lung” by Black Marble since its release. My affection for that album knows no bounds. It’s been by my side through the best

Stay alert when on the streets

Being safe is more than looking both ways Since people were kids, they were always told to look both ways before crossing the street. While this still remains an important rule, there’s more that people can do to be a safe pedestrian.  With the invasiveness

A Different Arrangement

“Constructivism” My summer was a mess and yet a mild success. With my design internship at a local Squarespace-based design start up, I literally sponged as much knowledge as possible from the established in-house designers. Under a squarespace developer, the graphic designer, and the creative

Footage of remote tribe released

Where is the privacy line drawn? On Aug. 24, the Smithsonian released drone footage of a newly discovered, uncontacted tribe in the rainforest of Brazil. The footage opens with a clearing of trees surrounded by the towering rainforest. Out of the forest appears a speck