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Elon doesn’t deserve the hype.

The man is more hype than substance. Elon Musk–  one of the richest people on earth.  He’s seen as one of the most innovative and pioneering minds in the business, aerospace, and entrepreneurial industries. With an extremely loyal, but naïve group of supporters, Musk garners

The Sentry’s advice to incoming students

tips on how to make the most out of college It’s easy to get caught in the daily routines and activities of the college life but spare some time to make sure you don’t get behind. Set a reminder in your calendar at the start

The best memories of The Sentry

Geese, sub-par drawings, and personal growth To celebrate the end of a truly different and trying semester, The Sentry staff has gathered up some of their fondest memories from the 2019/20 academic year. Thursday nights at The Sentry office are always a treat. Staff members crowd in, perched on

Ways to stay entertained while sheltering in place

staff picks for the best quarantine activities While most people are having to remain indoors for health and safety reasons, The Sentry has surveyed its staff to compile a list of recommendations of how to pass the time. Cyanotypes by Taelar Pollmann A photographer with nothing

Tiger King: larger than life, crazier than imagined

Netflix’s newest sensation brings people in isolation together In a world divided by, well, many things, one man has emerged from the darkness to deliver salvation. His name is Joe Exotic, and that’s the most normal thing about him. Such is the premise of Netflix’s

Developing From a Negative

Dear Lucy I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and because of this pandemic I had to pass along my love through Emily.  I understand why I couldn’t be with you at the end, but that knowledge doesn’t dampen the pain I am feeling.  The choice we made

Developing From a Negative

Take a picture, it’ll last longer I’ve seen several people criticize photographers via social media for capturing the empty spaces in our life right now because, “photography isn’t an essential part of society.”  I disagree.  Now, I am not saying that photographers are as equally essential as

A dog’s diary during quarantine

What canines actually thinks of stay-at-home Dear Diary,  Mom is home again, but I can’t complain. I have gone on extra walks every day for the last two weeks. I can smell in the grass that other dogs are also going on more walks— which is awesome. At home the

Disney sues U.S. Government for copyright infringement

White House can’t repel litigation of that magnitude  The Walt Disney Company has sued the U.S. government after plans for an orbiting space station were acquired and released by WikiLeaks.  In a statement from Disney’s attorneys, the U.S. government had blatantly copied the design of the iconic Death Star from the Star Wars franchise. Characteristics such

Astrology girls around the world: “I told you so.”

An apology to the backbone of society “I told you so,” said Mihkeighlah Moonstone, resident astrology girl on the CU Denver campus, echoing the sentiments expressed by every other quirky, Co-Star addicted hippie in the world. “The vibes were off.”  Yes, Mihkeighlah, the vibes were off. Something