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If you’ve ever seen two photographers at the same event, you may have noticed they play a little game I call “Whose Lens is Bigger.” It’s like a dick-measuring contest—but publicly acceptable, and supposedly signals something about one’s artistic merit or level of professionalism or

Mental health and addiction needs more talk

Demi Lovato’s overdose sparks up conversation With recent news of Demi Lovato being rushed to the hospital due to an overdose, there is a lesson to be learned here. It is said that over 50 percent of people who have a substance abuse problem at

CU Denver club baseball strikes a win

A look into club sports at CU Being a non-traditional university, one of the ways CU Denver gets students engaged is through intramural or club sports. Club Baseball is trying to make a name for itself, and with the help of their recent wins against

Rocky start for Colorado baseball

The Rockies disappoint but do not surprise The Rockies have started off their 25th anniversary year characteristically—rocky. The team has only played 18 out of 162 games on the season, so it’s difficult to say what the rest of the year holds in store, but despite

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Viral conservative journalist challenges post-net neutrality fear

A controversial speech at CU Denver stirs up conversation By Nikki Martinez – Guest writer Amid memes of the Muppets, Adolf Hitler, and a scene from Terminator 2, Daily Caller journalist Benny Johnson said he used his viral meme-making skills to challenge post-net neutrality fear and

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The world’s most average skiier

Elizabeth Swaney is the hero the Olympics Need Elizabeth Swaney has wanted to compete in the Olympic Games since she was 7 years old. This year in PyeongChang, Swaney represented Hungary while competing in the women’s ski halfpipe competition. However, Swaney’s performance stood out in

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Being the broody kid always working on a ceramics project alone in high school, I blocked off any connection with anyone who wasn’t family. I didn’t want to get judged or treated differently once they really knew me. I even kept my family at arm’s

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After discovering A$AP Ferg this past weekend (I know, I’m behind with the times), I did some visual research on him. And by research I mean looking at a picture of him because he’s next-level hot. With this creeping, I found an interview he had

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More Olympic wardrobe highlights

An update on the coolest outfits of winter The Olympics, outside of being an event of the world’s fiercest competitors, is also a showcase of some of the most creative wardrobes in competitive sports today. Kana Muramoto, who is a figure skater representing Japan, dazzled