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Student spotlight: Edwina Maben

Maben’s striking journey through music.  Edwina Maben’s life seems to be encompassed by music. As a singer, songwriter, and musician, music for Maben has always played a significant role in her life since she was young. A current junior in the CU Denver Recording Arts

Light Up My Life on the Dairy Block

Scott Young’s newest exhibit on the Dairy Block, Light Up My Life, is a fiery burst of passion and life that focuses on human connection and relationships. The exhibit displays many new pieces as well as some from a series of past exhibits: “Wish You

Vin Bogart | Wasted | Single Review

Self-Released Rating: Thumbs Up Vin Bogart’s newest single, “Wasted,” carries high expectations well worth the wait. The single matches the artist’s distinct style, and soulful lyrics mixed with a bluesy electric feel, yet this familiarity does not disappoint. The single begins softly, drawing the listener

Dennis Lloyd | Wild West | Single Review

Arista Records Rating: Thumbs Up Dennis Lloyd returns after almost two years with his newest single, “Wild West.” The single is an exciting addition of a new jam-worthy song, displaying familiar elements mixed with new variations. The track begins with an underlying guitar beat and

Student spotlight: Sunny Sideways

Student band takes sunny to a whole new level Not many bands exist that have a name that seems to encompass and fit both them and their vibe so wholly—Sunny Sideways is one of the few. Radiating a groovy sort of sunshine, the band consists of

Student spotlight: Generation Nomad

CU Denver students make up alt-rock group The band Generation Nomad consists of four students completely submerged in music. Lizzy Kistler who sings vocals, Luke Sletten the lead guitarist, Gizelle Cisneros who plays bass and sings background vocals, and Josh Tibbets who plays the drums.