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Debunking criticism of a misunderstood philosophy

Socialism briefly explained As a word, socialism often has a negative connotation. Media pundits and politicians sometimes throw the word around without an understanding of the history and ideology behind it. With the real possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming the next president of the United

Reflections and Ruminations at Museum of Outdoor Arts

Reflections and Ruminations at the Museum of Outdoor Arts presents one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of artwork by Robert Rauschenberg since his death in 2008.   Commonly associated with the Pop Art movement, Rauschenberg gained recognition in New York City collaborating with the likes

Words and Lines at Denver Art Museum

  Shantell Martin inspires visitors with her large-scale installation Words and Lines at the Denver Art Museum. With a simple yet monumental style of interconnecting black lines, she transforms a familiar work of architecture into a new world. Aside from other exhibition spaces, nearly every

The Future of Now calling for artists

CU Denver student Jess Diaz curates art show at Emmanuel Gallery Starting in May, Emmanuel Art Gallery will host an exhibition of artwork focusing on sustainability titled The Future of Now: Contemporary Art in Our Sustainable World. Jess Diaz, a graduating Digital Design student at

Journey to Neverland at Next Stage Gallery

Coinciding with the 2020 production of Peter Pan from the Colorado Ballet, Next Stage Gallery presents an exhibition focused on the classic story. From the Pages of Peter Pan explores the adventures of the “boy who wouldn’t grow up.” As part of the Denver Center

Denver air quality proven unhealthy

A recent report details air pollution in Colorado Nothing conjures a more disturbing image for people in Denver than the words “brown cloud.” For decades, this unnatural phenomenon has loomed over the metropolis, occasionally obscuring any view of the mountains. As a result of pollution

Orchid showcase for Valentine’s Day

With the annual Orchid Showcase at Denver Botanic Gardens, visitors of all ages can leave behind the depths of winter by immersing themselves in the colors of nature. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Denver Botanic Gardens has filled the indoor spaces of their York Street

I Cannot Heave My Heart Into My Mouth

Emmanuel Gallery opened the new semester with an extensive exhibition of artwork by CU Denver faculty from the College of Arts & Media, titled I Cannot Heave My Heart Into My Mouth. Given the diverse backgrounds of the faculty, there is a broad range of

Winter of Poetry in Cherry Creek

As part of their Winter of Reading program, Denver Public Library (DPL) hosts a variety of activities throughout the chilly season. Amidst the boujee atmosphere of Cherry Creek, several shops installed neatly printed and laminated poems in their windows. Each of the selected works relate

Artist collective celebrates reopening anniversary

Rhinoceropolis saved from extinction At the ever-beating heart of the River North Arts District (RiNo), one venue holds an unparalleled reputation. Appropriately named Rhinoceropolis, this collective of artists, musicians, and other creative folk stands out in the living history of Denver. It might be easy