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PSA: Stop Having Kids

Kids Are Out, Dogs Are In  “Kids are bad. They’re evil, unnecessary little spawns of genetic selfishness. That is a science fact.” Who said this? Bill Nye. That’s right—the science guy. The days of fantasizing about little junior trekking up the front porch steps of

Trump’s trivia induced catharsis

Trump renounces himself as President after playing Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? “I’ve made a huge mistake,” Trump said earlier this morning at what he thought was The State of The Union Address for 2020, “maybe the biggest mistake in the history of mistakes… ever.” It

Coronavirus is no match for Keith Richards

Keith Richards survives coronavirus infection. Keith Richards was released from the hospital earlier today after a shockingly short stay for a severe case of COVID-19. “I don’t understand,” a nurse who had collected his vitals explained, “I’ve never seen anyone his age recover so quickly… or any

Good Times Ahead | Little Bit of This | Single Review

Warner Records Rating: Thumbs Up Crickets might not be the first expected sound to hear at the beginning of a heavy hype track, but Good Times Ahead (G.T.A.) opens up “Little Bit of This (ft. Vince Staples)” with none other than their peaceful chirping. But with the count-off of

Monalicious: a true native creator of Colorado

Mona Magno congregates a stronger artistic community The term “Denver local” appears as a waning one with the city’s booming population. A nest of bunnies couldn’t keep up with the number of outsiders moving in every month. But Mona Magno may be one of the

Quadio: the collegiate Spotify

New music sharing platform for students According to Spotify’s FAQ information, there are over 20,000 tracks per day being released on their platform. Considering their millions of subscribed artists across the world, that may not be that surprising. But as part of their “Artist Wrapped”

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The brain’s “full body workout”

How music affects the brain Having trouble readjusting to a school schedule? It may be time to pick up a musical instrument. For centuries, the puzzle of the human brain has only been observed from a behavioral standpoint or in postmortem dissection. But in recent

Global Education Office puts Studying Abroad within Reach

Opportunities available for every budget On the flight back home from a study-abroad experience, the pre-departure stress and worries have drifted away, miles behind. Before taking off into the new and unknown, it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. It’s daunting for many to imagine leaving