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What’s next?

I’ve been a student for about 18 years. And I don’t really remember the few years before I started preschool; so, as far as my mind is concerned, I’ve been a student my whole life. But in May, if all goes according to plan, I

Bragging rights

“Are you working somewhere while you’re in school?” Michelle, my partner Hunter’s aunt, asks me. “Yeah. I work for my school’s newspaper,” I respond. Hunter’s mom adds onto the conversation, “She doesn’t just ‘work for the paper,’ she’s the editor of the paper!” “Heh heh,

When it rains…

If anything, this crazy disaster of a summer has taught me some important life lessons: Plans sometimes have to change, money will be lost, everyone dies, and even the most innocent can suffer. I won’t go too much into it, but as you may have

Pencil Shavings

Most people would probably put The Office’s Michael Scott on the very bottom of a list of people to be compared to. He’s selfish, ignorant, offensive, and pretty much the definition of secondhand embarrassment. But I still don’t mind being compared to him. Just to

Don’t get mad at the weather people

Meteorologists deserve some credit Weather forecasters have a hard job. They use the latest technology, science, and math to predict the unpredictable forces of nature. People look to meteorologists for wardrobe guidance every morning, and forecasters save lives by warning cities of impending natural disasters.

Pencil Shavings

As I was walking around the dog park with my pups, I saw a man searching the ground in the middle of the field—grocery bags overflowing from his pockets, a large bag of poop hanging from one hand, and an inverted bag covering his other

Pencil Shavings

This semester has been keeping me busy—very busy. With creating a weekly newspaper, taking classes packed with assignments, and caring for two big fur babies, one of my biggest fears is having to miss a day due to an accident or illness. And last week,

Pencil Shavings

I’m sitting on the couch trying out every Snapchat filter on my face, taking 100 of the same pictures of my dogs sleeping on the couch next to me, and occasionally scrolling through Instagram to see the same posts I saw 10 minutes ago. I

Pencil Shavings

When I was a senior in high school, my brother Adam introduced me to The Sentry (which was then called The Advocate). He was managing editor at the time and invited me to a pitch meeting. I went with him and it was both intimidating

Pencil shavings

I was born into a dog family. Within the first day of my life, I had already been licked by a dog (and probably fallen in love). Kona was the name of my family’s dog at the time, and I grew up with her. She was