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You know the bittersweet feeling you get when you finish watching an entire series of a really good show? The feeling of sadness that it is over but the feeling of accomplishment and joy that you were able to come along on the journey to

I’m not a loser, neither are you

When I was first told that I was nominated for Colorado Student Leader of the Year, my first response was “Ummm, what??” I don’t do nearly as many cool things as other students I know; why would I be nominated? All the way up until

Happily ever after

Eight years ago, a dancing plate and a dancing corkscrew became friends. Three years after that, they started dating. Five years after that, they got engaged. And yes, I am that plate. My now fiancé (ooo, it’s still so new and fun to say that

Superlatives are the worst

Welcome to our last issue of the semester—our annual Best/Worst issue, where we rank various aspects of the year, our school, and life with various superlatives. This issue is meant to be a fun, light-hearted wrap up to the year and give the students a

The Real Monsters

I went to my second real haunted house this year. It took a little convincing, but I went. And, as it turns out, haunted houses are not that scary. Well, compared to scary movies anyway. And movies are not as scary as books. And the scariest

Thinking of you

After we send this issue off to the printer, I will be heading home to pack my bags for Louisville, Kentucky. This is the third year that editors from The Sentry have the amazing opportunity to attend the Associated Collegiate Press College Media Convention. At

What’s next?

I’ve been a student for about 18 years. And I don’t really remember the few years before I started preschool; so, as far as my mind is concerned, I’ve been a student my whole life. But in May, if all goes according to plan, I

Bragging rights

“Are you working somewhere while you’re in school?” Michelle, my partner Hunter’s aunt, asks me. “Yeah. I work for my school’s newspaper,” I respond. Hunter’s mom adds onto the conversation, “She doesn’t just ‘work for the paper,’ she’s the editor of the paper!” “Heh heh,

When it rains…

If anything, this crazy disaster of a summer has taught me some important life lessons: Plans sometimes have to change, money will be lost, everyone dies, and even the most innocent can suffer. I won’t go too much into it, but as you may have

Pencil Shavings

Most people would probably put The Office’s Michael Scott on the very bottom of a list of people to be compared to. He’s selfish, ignorant, offensive, and pretty much the definition of secondhand embarrassment. But I still don’t mind being compared to him. Just to