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Amber Long prepares for new Wellness Center

NEW DIRECTOR READY TO HELP STUDENT WELLNESS “This is my dream job,” is the first thing Amber Long said when asked about her role as Director of the Wellness Center—and the sincerity of those words is evident in everything she does. She’s a natural, effervescent

On the Record with Raul

GETTING TO KNOW V.C. CARDENAS Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Raul Cardenas Jr.’s office is perched on the top floor of Lawrence Street Center, lending him a panoramic view of Auraria Campus and the city scape adjacent to it. He has an unobstructed view of

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

TAKING A LEAP A dying heart must be stopped entirely before it can be restored to its natural rhythm. I learned this while becoming CPR certified for the annual Lynx Student Leadership Retreat, and as our instructor moved forward with the lesson, I was stuck thinking

Hans Zimmer concert brings silver screen to life

FILM COMPOSER AT 1STBANK CENTER As far as sweeping overgeneralizations go, claiming most people are familiar with Hans Zimmer’s music—even if they’ve never heard of him—is among the safest to make. The legendary composer has defined a generation of filmmaking, and on Aug. 6 he

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3 Artists You Can’t Miss on Denver Comic Con’s Last Day

Denver Comic Con 2017’s closing ceremonies are upon us, and today’s trip through Artist Valley and Merchant Mesa will be your last until next summer’s convention. DCC’s one-million-square-foot event space provided more room than ever for artists to share their talents with con-goers—and these are the

James & Oliver Phelps Enchant Denver Comic Con 2017

POTTER TWINS BOAST WEASLEY-ESQUE HUMOR Kicking off Denver Comic Con’s 6th annual run, James and Oliver Phelps’ Harry Potter panel helped define the composition of the convention’s most star-studded line-up yet. The twins—who played Fred and George Weasley in all eight Potter films—rounded out a

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

Clichés tend to crop up at the difficult crossroads of our lives, a verbal barrier constructed to put distance between ourselves and whatever complex emotion we’re grappling with. We lean on them because they connect us to a lineage of like-minded people; they lack creativity,