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Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

Clichés tend to crop up at the difficult crossroads of our lives, a verbal barrier constructed to put distance between ourselves and whatever complex emotion we’re grappling with. We lean on them because they connect us to a lineage of like-minded people; they lack creativity,

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

As innovatively explosive as the podcast scene is right . now, the best of the best are the shows that draw life from the genre’s roots: audio journalism. Welcome to Night Vale reignited the podcast spark, but it was Serial’s investigative reporting that would later

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Game of Thrones concert: songs of ice and fire

WESTEROS COMES TO DENVER The voice of Cersei Lannister echoes across the filled-to-capacity Pepsi Center: “Silence your phones now, or you will be boiled in the blood of your children.” A full orchestra queues up the Game of Thrones theme song; the opening credits play

Grammar is not an IQ score

COMMA PLACEMENT ISN’T COMMON SENSE Prescriptivist grammarians do more than bolster the ranks of Facebook’s most annoying commenters—we get it, you think you’re smarter than everyone else—they might also lessen the quality of someone’s education. The proliferation of grammar nazism as a signpost of intelligence

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

This week’s blasphemy: I like the new Beauty and the Beast more than I like the original. I won’t argue the live-action version is a perfect piece of filmmaking that usurped the place of a classic in my heart—Beauty and the Beast always ranked low

Single Review // Elijah and Christine

BING BONG // Potatowithane Records From the YouTubers known for videos like “HE PROPOSED AT TACO BELL! (Real)” and “MAKING WEED BROWNIES IN AN EASY BAKE OVEN,” comes “Bing Bong,” a revolutionary reimagining of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.” Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko worked diligently for

Feminist Listicle // Taylor Kirby

He sleeps/leaves me alone for 22 hours a day He won’t be traumatized because I named him Darcy, even though he has every right to be It’s socially acceptable to lock him in a cage in public He doesn’t die when he falls off the

Obama tapped President Trump’s wires

Former president regrets doing nothing with info Though a spokesperson for former President Barack Obama has gone on record to say that allegations of wiretapping are “simply false,” sources have stepped forward to claim that Obama has indeed been spying on President Donald Trump for