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The appeal of turning up the volume

Why loud music sounds so much better Parents have always told their children to keep the music down to avoid damaging their ears. While this is good advice for anyone, louder sounds have been proven to stimulate the senses in ways that its softer counterpart

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Heavy Metal and the Satanic Panic

The myth behind metal and satan Heavy metal, a genre of music that is familiar to most, has often been closely associated with Lucifer despite not actually being “the Devil’s music.” This popular genre of music didn’t always have dark connotations—at least not in the

Frank Ocean | Moon River | Single Review

Record Label: Def Jam Records Frank Ocean’s newest single covers the classic song “Moon River” by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini. Despite this song being remade several times, a completely unique take on the original is still possible. This slow and relaxing cover utilizes Ocean’s

PJ Harvey | An Acre Of Land | Single Review

Record Label: Cognitive Shift Records “An Acre of Land” was originally a spirited British folk song, but PJ Harvey took a whole new perspective on the song for the upcoming UK movie Dark River. The normally joyful tune is transformed into something desolate through the

Fighting back against the cold commute

Tips and Tricks to Keep Warm In Colorado, the earlier months of the year tend to be cold and snowy. Because of that, commuting can be a hazardous endeavor. In the spring semester, here are some tips to keep warm and stay safe. Karley Sun,