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Cheap and easy ways to kill time on 16th street

More than just clothes-shopping and movies Sometimes there’s a lull between classes, or a nearby event that hasn’t started yet, and the problem of how to pass the time becomes apparent. The 16th Street mall is full of things to help resolve this issue. Scoping

Born of Osiris | The Simulation | Album Review

Sumerian Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Born of Osiris released an eight-song album called The Simulation that’s worth a shot. The band notes in their online bio that they’re influenced by “‘Simulation Theory,’” the evident inspiration for their new album. From their debut

Studying abroad at CU Denver

Different program options cater to student needs CU Denver has a variety of study abroad programs for all interests. The courses are taught by CU Denver faculty and last from two to five weeks. The application process is available online and requires a statement of

Winding back the tape

How cassettes are helping indie bands Cassette tapes are making a comeback. BuzzAngle released a report called “2018 year-end report of U.S. Music Industry Consumption” that found that cassette sales grew from 99,400 to 118,200 units in The United States. Part of this comeback has to

Governor Jared Polis’ State of the State Address

Polis’ plans for the future Jared Polis, the first openly gay governor of Colorado, gave his first State of the State Address on Jan. 10. In the address, Polis’ first proposal was his plan for free all-day kindergarten as an opportunity to put education first.

The Fall of Pandora Radio

A Streaming service faces buyout Pandora Radio released in 2005, and upon its release it was very popular because they offered something that the audience really wanted: automated music recommendations. Pandora makes music stations based on select artists. Today, Pandora is trying to stay afloat. 

The aftermath of a long government shutdown

A look at how things are holding up On Dec. 22, 2018, the government was partially shut down over the funding of President Trump’s proposed border wall. Over a month later, this has become the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. According to The Colorado

Scariest movie of the year: Hell Fest

A slasher horror with a psychological twist Many horror movies are released each year, but one of the most unique and haunting choices of 2018 is Hell Fest. The film takes on the fairly standard formula of a serial killer dressing up and pretending to