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Impact Humanity makes a difference

What the boutique does for the homeless Owned and operated by Travis Smith, Impact Humanity is the new face of Smith’s original brain child, Impact Locally. It’s a boutique fashion store off Welton in the Five Points neighborhood. Upon entry, the smell of fresh paint

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The Simpsons predict everything—ever

THE ONLY SHOW ANYONE ANYWHERE NEEDS The Simpsons is the past, the present, and the future all combined into one compact, thirty-minute segment of primetime video. In fact, The Simpsons is the only show truly worth watching, ever! The show has predicted enormous events such

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CU Denver lizard people conspiracy

The life supply of gargantuan proportions Once more, campus springs back into action and Teague Bohlen awaits the filing in of refreshed students to regenerate his sustenance.  Last year, The Sentry debuted the shapeshifting lizard associate professor of Creative Writing who hails from Alpha Draconis. 

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CU Denver is targeting the wrong students

An untraditional campus calls for untraditional students Adam Smith, the father of economics, proposed that countries should specialize in their most efficient means of production relative to others. Today, this translates into businesses cutting non-revenue generators to focus on producing efficiency. Universities are businesses that