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Dual enrollment chases after superior education

Recent Updates in dual enrollment Dual enrollment, also known as concurrent enrollment, has provided students with opportunities to further their education through the addition of more credits. Dual enrollment allows students to enroll at separate academic institutions with multiple course-loads and classes at each. Although

Native American Indian Heritage Month at CU Denver

IDENTITY BECOMES GROWING ISSUE AMONG COMMUNITY The exposure most people receive about Native American Indian culture or media presence is limited to the occasional political protest, such as DAPL (the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline that violated tribal lands in favor of oil companies) or a

Death Grips | Steroids: Single Review

Artist: Death Grips Album: Steroids Release date: 2017 Earlier this year, Death Grips released “Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber),” and the underground music scene was violently shaken by the latest sounds from the industrial experimental hip hop group. The group consists of Tera Melos’ Zach

Weinstein case begins national conversation

SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS PLAGUE HOLLYWOOD The recent scandal regarding Harvey Weinstein has sparked critical conversations regarding cases of rape and sexual assault. Weinstein, American film producer and former studio executive, has been fired by his company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts

Feeling ill? Stay home.

NO NEED TO GET EVERYONE ELSE SICK, TOO Aphlegm-filled cough growls from the depths of a mucus-coated esophagus. A throat cleared, a sniffling nose, and finally a sneeze; dreary eyes and lip corners are dried miserably from hours of mouth-breathing during sleepless nights. One can’t

Stop celebrating Columbus Day

INCORRECT HISTORY DOES NOT DESERVE A HOLIDAY There is debate on whether Columbus Day should continue to be celebrated in a modernist society; revisionist history proves that Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated. There should no longer be a holiday that celebrates a person who

Sexism holds negative implications for society

CAM NEWTON’S CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTS “It’s funny.” After being asked by Jourdan Rodrigue, a female reporter for the Charlotte Observer, about routes and plays, Cam Newton displayed sexism blatantly by replying, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about ‘routes.’” Immediately the media audience buzzed with

Federal funding impacts teenage pregnancy

CONCERN RISE ON STATE AND FEDERAL LEVELS Although the rate of teenage pregnancy has decreased on a national level with the implementation of various sexual education programs, recent changes in federal funding have put young demographics at risk of experiencing high rates of teenage pregnancy

Denver Startup Week highlights local tech talent

CU DENVER ALUMNI SHARE TIPS Regardless of one’s background or beliefs, it is inarguable that the ability to create to bring something once abstract into a concrete, defined existence attracts all people as they engage as innovators and thinkers. Defined by “starting up” with a

Tuition lock needed at CU Denver

FEE INCREASES ARE UNFAIR TO STUDENTS With the cost of attending college throughout the United States on the rise, CU Denver often attracts students because it has an affordable price tag without sacrificing valuable academics when compared to other universities. With nearly 80 percent of