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“Day Zero” water crisis looms in Cape Town

Global water supply draining Imagine a day without access to water. No easy flip of the faucet, no simple cup of coffee, no thoughtless flush of a toilet—nothing. As one of the resources that are taken for granted by many, the global issue of water

More than undocumented: workers, creators, DREAMers

The impact of Trump’s decision on students The new era of American immigration policy headed by the Trump administration has set the lives of many in flux, considering that the historical demographic makeup of the United States consists of immigrants from many different foreign countries.

Migos | Culture II | Album Review

Record Label: Capitol Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Released in late January, Culture II by Migos is just more of their old sound in a shiny new package. This is the third studio album to come from the hip hop trio, but the

Grants encourage students to pursue education

Granting education to all Attending college is an expensive endeavor for most students. With the cost of higher education increasing by an average rate of five percent over the past decade, according to The College Board, it is understandable how rising college costs may create

New albums to anticipate for 2018

Records to keep an eye out for This year has already started off with ample album releases that have captured listeners’ ears. From the gritty hip hop and trap hooks in Migos’ Culture II to the soft vocals and earthy melodies of First Aid Kit’s

Kimbra “Human” | Album Preview

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Record Label: Warner Brothers Records Kimbra goes deeper and darker in her upcoming album, Primal Heart, with a single called “Human.” Originally scheduled for release on Jan. 19, the date has since been pushed back; however, Kimbra did not

Spotify faces $1.6 billion lawsuit

Could this change licensing laws? For music, the monetization of the art form has led to an ever-expanding, multi-trillion dollar industry that adds new challenges and limitations to the way it is consumed by the public. In the late 1990s, Napster opened a new wave

Wellness Center now plans to open in May

UPDATE (January 19, 2018): The Sentry previously reported that the Salazar Family Foundation’s donation would prevent student fees from being increased. Though the Student Wellness Center has no plans to raise fees at this time, funding may be reassessed when the Foundation’s endowment is spent. 80 percent

The youthquake reinvents itself in 2018

MODERN GENERATION SHIFTS THE POWER Youthquake was chosen as The Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, and the selection has shaken up a new interest in what precisely the word itself stands for. Defined as, “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the

Media’s negative impact in the court room

COURT CASES ARE WRONGFULLY IMPACTED BY MEDIA Though media outlets give the public a better understanding of issues by unravelling facts and navigating convoluted stories, media also poses the threat of influencing situations. This phenomenon is most often seen in documentary films and television series