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Record played backwards summons Satan

Satan gives exclusive press conference There was once a time when rock ‘n’ roll was actually considered the devil’s music, and in 2018, that sentiment is back with a hellfire-like vengeance. A CU Denver student, Damien Thorn, had an unexpected experience with the third studio

Blood Tangent | Column

“Do you still have your blink-182 shirt?” I text my older sister while simultaneously looking for their early 2000s merch,  listening to the blink-182 playlist on Youtube, and skipping all the sad songs because I’m not trying to cry tonight. Enema Of The State was

Shannon & The Clams | Onion | Album Review

Record Label: Hardly Art Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Shannon & The Clams is perhaps the closest thing this generation will ever get to real rock ‘n’ roll. With Del Shannon and John Waters as clear (and endearing) reference points, The Clams bring

Blood Tangent | Column

The dark circles around my eyes really bring out the hazel in them, my chapped lips bring out the crooked whiteness of my teeth. I’m eating dairy-free ice cream for breakfast, baby food and handfuls of dry cereal for lunch. I’m not really into nutrition

Blood Tangent | Column

Being a tween in the early 2000s was pretty tame. We didn’t grow up with the hottest couple being Kurt and Courtney or Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg—it was Joe Jonas and Demi fucking Lovato. When I was a young little punk in my own

Tommy Genesis | Lucky | Single Review

Record Label: Downtown Records Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Tommy Genesis isn’t the cliche female rapper. The self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” sings with a voice that is rough and impassioned. Her verses are as perverted as they are infectious, and her production can be described

Blood Tangent | Column

A body is fragile. It can be bruised, slashed, pricked, torn, burned; it becomes stiff and frigid; things fall apart. I should have died  the moment I was born. Three months premature and born with an infection. “You went through hell and back,” my dad

Ice Castles stand tall in Dillon

Fairy Tales brought to life Castles have been a fixture in history, storytelling, folklore, and fantasy;  society can’t help but be fascinated by their prestige and what perhaps once dwelled in these reliquaries. The fusion of history and fantasy has come together this winter with

Blood Tangent | Column

The only thing I have written down since I put off writing this column (even though I have been awake from the hours of 1 to 4 a.m. and  have nothing else to do) is a quote from a Frederick Seidel poem and some ramblings