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Mark Kennedy confirmed as CU President

Vote reflects political divisions The CU Regents voted to confirm nominee Mark Kennedy for CU President, despite the controversy surrounding his nomination. Days earlier, the University of Colorado Faculty Council, an elected body comprised of faculty members from all four campuses, released a report on

Another brick in the wall

Millennial Burnout In January, Buzzfeed published, “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” by Anne Helen Petersen, and the article quickly circulated amongst my group of friends. “I couldn’t believe how much this resonated with me,” one of my friends said. I was surprised. Based on

Sara Bareilles | Amidst the Chaos | Album Review

Epic Records Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars There’s nothing technically wrong with Sara Bareilles’ songwriting, compositions, or vocal delivery, but Amidst the Chaos isn’t the right title for an album with tracks so mellow that it doesn’t evoke anything resembling chaos. The album makes

Another brick in the wall

The Greedy Professions Last week I wrote about my anxieties with job searching, which I think is relatively common, even if my personal concerns are a little more specific. I know very few people who enjoy the job application and interview process, and people who

Another brick in the wall

Graduation Jitters I’m not graduating next month, unlike many of my friends on campus. If all goes according to plan, I’m graduating in December 2019. However, some recent talk of graduation over the last couple weeks has triggered employment-related anxiety for me. I’ve met a

Another brick in the wall

Social Networking The Social Network is objectively a well-crafted film, though eight years after its release, it feels a bit dated. The film implied that the biggest issues at Facebook were immature, hard-partying executives and some casual misogyny. If the film were made today, it

Another Brick in the Wall

Crazy Uncle Joe I had trouble thinking of what to write about for the April Fools’ issue since political news is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from satire. I tried to think of news that’s at least funny to write about. Joe Biden sniffing women’s hair isn’t exactly

Another brick in the wall

Touchy-Feely Politics Democrats apparently can’t agree if sniffing someone’s hair is creepy. Former candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor, Lucy Flores, claimed in a piece for The Cut that at a political rally she attended with Joe Biden in 2014, the former Vice President approached her

Another brick in the wall

Beto Mania I  understand running for office is daunting. Besides the time and financial commitment, it opens one up to a level of public scrutiny that most people want nothing to do with. It’s impossible to come up with a policy agenda that pleases everyone,