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Most fucked up face in mumble rap

6ix9ine is an absolute clown In 30 or so years when naive teenagers adorn rose-tinted glasses and idolize the cultural icons of a former epoch (much like the current generations obsession with the mediocrities of the 80s, 90s, and so on), they will no doubt

Lettuce Hits Boettcher Concert Hall

Lettuce plays with Colorado Symphony On Saturday the 10th at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the jam-funk band Lettuce performed for their first time with the Colorado Symphony. It was an evening that left listeners wanting more from the collaboration than what was

Polyphia | New Levels New Devils | Album Review

Equal Vision Records Inc. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars With their third and latest full-length album, New Levels New Devils, math rock based instrumental combo Polyphia extrapolate on their trademark blend of hip-hop beats and technical guitar playing, resulting in their most solid release

Guest column

I was recently taught, in class, the formal definition of the word “deviant.” It’s a word with connotation, but it still describes me. I obviously wasn’t, like, a criminal growing up or dressing in a fursuit or anything that people usually call deviant, but I was,

The Metro State of Jazz

Metro Jazz at King Center On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Metro State hosted its first round of student Jazz Combo performances at the Auraria Campus’ own King Center Concert Hall. Featuring two ensembles directed by Ron Miles and Shane Endsley, the event provided a memorable showcase

Horrendous | Idol | Album Reviw

Season of Mist Rating: 4 out of 5 Celebrated progressive death metal act Horrendous revitalizes their catalog and the underground metal scene with their highly anticipated and most consistent record, Idol.  The group has refined their unique blend of genres and instrumental tones to mastery

Festive foolery at the Merc’s Halloween

Big Halloween Showcase at the Mercury Cafe On the evening of this past Saturday, Oct. 27, the infamous Mercury Cafe hosted its Big Halloween Showcase with a stacked lineup of groups that spanned a variety of genres and styles and other miscellaneous performances similarly wide-ranged. 

Black Motion | Moya Wa Taola | Album Review

Sony Africa Rating: 4 out of 5 stars With this latest LP, Moya Wa Taola, South African electro-dance duo Black Motion delivers another smooth and uncompromising record. With a wider range of instrumentation and higher production value than previous records, Moya Wa Taola provides a