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Celebrating the Cultural Diversity Festival

CU EMBRACES DIVERSITY AND TOLERANCE For its third consecutive year, the Cultural Diversity Festival returned and celebrated the rich identities of the Auraria Campus community. On Feb. 28, the Tivoli Turnhalle transformed into a cultural, celebratory conglomerate. Originally started by Student Government Association (SGA) alumni

CD Review // Chloe Tang

Passion//Aggression (Self-Release) In a time period where artists continuously recycle pop-centered and rhythmic hooks, CU Denver’s own Chloe Tang unleashes her edge in her latest EP, Passion//Aggression. Just because it’s pop-centric doesn’t mean it lacks value as a respectable song. In her lead single, “Forgive

Emmanuel Gallery to reopen in fall of 2017

STUDENT ARTIST TO SHOWCASE WORK IN THE FALL The Emmanuel Gallery, a lone and quaint church in the middle of Auraria Campus, won’t be barren for long after it reopens as a hub for art in the Denver community. Originally built in 1876, the Emmanuel

A helpful guide to dating in 2017

THE DATING GAME HAS CHANGED Dating is not what it used to be. The younger generations are ditching antiquated ways of courting their potential partner through the use of sending notes and landline phone calls. They are seeking love in untraditional ways, found in the

CU Denver students on display at DPAC

NEXT STAGE INSPIRES STUDENTS Technology and art weren’t meant to be formulaic—something proven by the latest collaboration between CU Denver and the Denver Performing Arts Complex, which brings the Next Stage Collaborative Gallery into the hustle and bustle of downtown. The exclusive opportunity showcases student

Quick look: Moana

How far will you go? That’s the sentiment behind Disney’s latest box office animated hit, Moana, which surfed into theaters this past November and scored the nomination for Best Animated Picture at the Academy Awards. For years, Disney’s animated films have to been subject to

CD Review // The xx

I See You Young Turk Records Resolute personal struggle has finally lead The xx to resurrect themselves from within the shadows, releasing their much anticipated album, I See You released Jan. 13.  For their lo-fi listener-base who loved The xx’s previous two albums, I See

BadBadNotGood Brings Lush Vibes to the Gothic

JAZZ VIBES AREN’T LEAVING ANY TIME SOON Lush sophistication are words that come to mind when thinking of the ways sounds and instruments effortlessly unite to create an aura of artistic personality and mastery. The guys from BadBadNotGood came together on Jan. 13, 2017 at

Disney’s Moana Producers Visit CU Denver

STUDENTS INSPIRED BY CREATIVE PROCESS Disney has been under the public eye for being a studio that fails to incorporate diversity into its films and characters. In response, Disney hit the drawing board and released its much anticipated indigenous princess flick, Moana.       

Treat Student Baristas Like Humans

TIVOLI STARBUCKS CHALLENGES HUMANITY The average college student carries around five dollars in cash—barely enough to fund a much-needed cup of coffee between classes. With the rising costs of rent, food, clothes, and textbooks, some students have found a convenient job at our own Tivoli Starbucks that