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Deceit | This Heat: Vinyl Review

Artist: This Heat Album: Deceit Release date: 1981 The seminal record Deceit, the second and last full-length album by This Heat, was released in 1981. Though this album came out at the tail-end of the height of art-punk and during the earlier stages of post-punk,

Outrage! Is Now | Death From Above: Album Review

Artist: Death From Above Album: Outrage! Is Now Release date: 2017 The Toronto hard-rock duo, Death From Above released their new single, “Freeze Me” earlier this year, the same day they announced their name change. Death From Above was locked in a legal dispute since

The politics of the music industry

Commercial music consumption is at the highest it has ever been. With streaming services such as Apple Music, YouTube Red, Spotify, and previously free websites such as SoundCloud making the move towards monetizing its services, music is becoming more accessible, albeit controlled. This isn’t to