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John Cage | 4’33 | Single Review

Label: Cage Against The Machine Charting the 2010 UK Singles Chart at number 21, John Cage’s “4’33” is a timeless classic for all music fans. This song appeals to every and all music enthusiasts across genres, and even appeals to people who hate music. The

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Tinder bio receives award

Boulder frat bro wins nobel peace prize The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to local frat dude, Tanner Smith, from CU Boulder’s Kappa Sigma Delta Chi Omega Psi Beta Pizza Pie chapter, for his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American Tinder

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Crowd unsure when to applaud at show

Is it a song or just guitar feedback? The Berlin Aliens performed to an almost empty venue on Monday night at the Ogden Theatre. The band who got their start  in their friend Jordan’s garage-turned-studio in Littleton, took the stage of a venue that isn’t

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The world’s most average skiier

Elizabeth Swaney is the hero the Olympics Need Elizabeth Swaney has wanted to compete in the Olympic Games since she was 7 years old. This year in PyeongChang, Swaney represented Hungary while competing in the women’s ski halfpipe competition. However, Swaney’s performance stood out in

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Will Five Points become the next 5Pointz?

Artwork destroyed by housing developers Graffiti artists in New York were awarded 6.75 million dollars in damages for the destruction of 45 works of art. Graffiti artists covered the exterior of several buildings owned by Gerald Wolkoff with colorful graffiti art. In 2013, Wolkoff announced

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More Olympic wardrobe highlights

An update on the coolest outfits of winter The Olympics, outside of being an event of the world’s fiercest competitors, is also a showcase of some of the most creative wardrobes in competitive sports today. Kana Muramoto, who is a figure skater representing Japan, dazzled

Students take multifaceted stance against gun violence

Mass Shootings In America Call For Action In the wake of another mass school shooting, students across the country are refusing to remain silent. On Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, 17 children and teachers had their lives extinguished by

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Olympic wardrobe highlights

The coolest outfits of winter The end of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games calls for a moment to reflect on the most memorable wardrobes worn by athletes around the world. Pita Taufatofua, the sole representative from Tonga for this year’s Olympics, beared the frigid cold

Fugazi’s formula for independence

Documentary explores punk legends The 1999 documentary Instrument follows the seminal Washington D.C. post-hardcore punk band Fugazi. Footage of the band collected over the years—from 1987 all the way up to 1998—comprise this film, including footage of Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye in his prior band