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Most ‘feelz’ inducing song

ENGULFED IN BLANKETS OF SOMBER In March 2017, indie-pop artist Lorde released two singles from her upcoming album, Melodrama, almost four years after her debut album Pure Heroine. The most recent single to come out, “Liability,” hits listeners right in the feels because of its

CD Review // Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors Domino Recording Co On Feb. 21, the Dirty Projectors released a self-titled album that leaves listeners uncomfortable and reaching for the mute button. The opening track “Keep Your Name” starts with a sorrowful ballad about a rough breakup. With lines like, “I don’t

CD REVIEW: One Republic

Oh My My (Interscope Records) Originally from Colorado Springs, OneRepublic has made their way all over the globe. Nearly a decade after the chart-topping hit “Apologize,” the band released their fourth album Oh My My, a title wildly appropriate seeing as that is what listeners


AIM (Interscope Records) Activist musician M.I.A. continues to use her music as an outlet to express her strong political views in her new album AIM. Released Sept. 9, AIM consists of 17 songs, all touching on the topics that currently plague the country: infringement on

CD REVIEW: Glass Animals

How To Be A Human Being (Caroline Records) Returning to the music scene after two years since the release of their first album Zaba, Glass Animals has launched its sophomore album How To Be A Human Being that seeks to tell a new story in

Prodigy Fortifies Community with Coffee

COFFEEHOUSE HIRES LOWER-INCOME YOUTH A coffee shop is not the first platform that comes to mind when thinking about bringing together a community or improving a broken education system, but with those very things in mind, Prodigy Coffeehouse is taking Denver by surprise. Prodigy—so named