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Profoundest campus speaker

FEELING THE BERN IN THE TIVOLI TURNHALLE As a university, CU Denver has been deeply privileged to welcome such an eloquent series of speakers to grace students with their thoughts and perceptions of society. Not to generalize every speaker that has come to campus or

Minds Matter of Denver aids students in need

GRADUATES GUARANTEED CU DENVER ADMISSION  CU Denver has recently partnered with Minds Matter of Denver, a non-profit organization that is committed to serving underrepresented youth predominantly in Denver Public Schools (DPS). This partnership will lead to an influx of motivated and passionate intellectuals coming to

Single Review // 888

Older  now // Artificial Island Records 888, the critically and nationally acclaimed alt-rock band right out of Denver, has released their new single “Older Now.” This track is the first song released from their much-anticipated EP, which is set to drop later in 2017. “Older Now”

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Lacrosse builds more than sportsmanship

CU DENVER CLUB SPORTS BUILDS A COMMUNITY As the campus shifts out of the dreary months of winter and into the closing weeks of the semester, students are coming to terms with what might be the most difficult time of the academic calendar one CU

Teague Bohlen

EATING- UH, TEACHING- ENGLISH STUDENTS As campus springs back into the warm embrace of the season, students seem to still wallow in a post-break stupor. The perpetual drain of classwork has always followed students into the dying weeks of the year, which is exactly why

Single Review // Lana Del Rey – Love

“Love” Polydor/Interscope Records Lana Del Rey is releasing her new album LDR4 on an undisclosed date this year and has dropped her first track from this album entitled “Love” Feb. 18.  “Love” starts off with a cosmic-feeling, deep keyboard and bassline that set the precedent

Run the Jewels boasts hypnotic poise

THE GASLAMP KILLER AND RTJ GET TURNT The Fillmore was a booming, full-house on Feb. 11. The show featured opener The Gaslamp Killer and main act, Run the Jewels on their national tour for their new album, Run the Jewels 3. Comprising of the rap

Single Review // Urban Cone

Urban Cone, a product of Sweden’s consistent-hook-swindlers, released their latest single, “Old School” on Jan. 27. The song begins with a breathy vox, humming the ingress of a shimmering pad that introduces a rollercoaster sythnizer, and the rolling lead vocals of Emil Gustafsson. “Or we