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Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In my experience working alongside people of all backgrounds, sexual identities, and places on the gender spectrum, I have learned to grow and be shaped by the ways in which individuals express themselves. From these friendships, I have heard frankly horrific tales of abuse and

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

There are few things in this world that I can say are worthy of being hated. I am someone who, in most cases, will not be affected by the world changing around me. I am excited to change with it. But, there is one part

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

As I watched my Facebook feed on Sunday, I was beyond shocked to see the images come out of Las Vegas. An overwhelming sadness took hold of me as I began to reflect on occurrences like the one in Vegas which have impacted me with

Sera’s Ramen Enclave packed with flavor

HIDDEN SPOT REDEFINES COLLEGE CUISINE Far and few are the local culinary experiences that transport the consumer to impossibly far away places. But, Sera’s Ramen Enclave does this to a mesmerizing degree. All components of this cozy hideaway, from the vibrant colors of its walls

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In the world of American news coverage, there is a perpetual emphasis on our own political climate. While yes, this means we get to enjoy a good deal of narcissistic pleasure at the expense of politicians and their blunders; it also distances the American public

Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

I have never felt unsafe on this campus; on the contrary, I have always experienced a sense of community and comradely here. That’s why I keep coming back. Except, of course, for one fateful night in the dead of winter. On this night, I experienced

Orc | Oh Sees: Album Review

Artist: Oh Sees Album: Orc Release date: Aug. 25th, 2017 Released on Aug. 25, Oh Sees’, Orc explores sinister-sounding, trance inducing jams in some of the most interesting ways imaginable. Focusing primarily on the music, Oh Sees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, explores a

Tocabe tackles tradition transcendentally

BLENDS THE OLD WITH THE NEW IN AMERICAN CUISINE It would seem unlikely that in this day and age a restaurant that focuses on environmental sustainability and ethical consumption could exist, but there are some that do. It may even be perceived as far fetched

Brandon Dazzo assists student orgs

DAZZO BRINGS EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE CU Denver boasts a non-traditional aura that can, in some situations, serve as a double edged sword for students. While some students grow in this environment, others find it easy to feel alone. However, through the student involvement provided by student