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Stranger Than Fiction | Matthew Kriese

To say the presidency of Donald Trump has been without controversy is to be painfully distanced from the news reverberating from the Oval Office. The rhetoric of Trump has been sharp and has usually managed to cause some form of uproar across the nation. So,

Ethiopian cuisine found in the heart of Aurora

NILE ETHIOPIAN OFFERS DELICIOUS, AFFORDABLE FOODS There are few restaurant experiences that couple a legitimately inviting ambiance with delicious and interesting dishes. Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in the heart of Aurora exceeds these standards and then some by creating an environment that makes even the most

Bike theft prevalent on Auraria

KEEP BOTH WHEELS GROUNDED It goes without saying that CU Denver is a non-traditional campus; however, one of the most nuanced ways in which its non-traditional nature has flourished is undoubtedly the sheer amount of commuter students in attendance. Approximately 95 percent of the student

Commuter fees increase at Auraria

PARKING PRICES RISE ALONGSIDE STUDENT OUTRAGE At the Auraria campus, approximately 95 percent of the tri-institutional student body commutes a distance greater than five miles to campus. Many of these students drive to class, which is evident by the maxed-out capacity of three parking garages,

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Profoundest campus speaker

FEELING THE BERN IN THE TIVOLI TURNHALLE As a university, CU Denver has been deeply privileged to welcome such an eloquent series of speakers to grace students with their thoughts and perceptions of society. Not to generalize every speaker that has come to campus or

Minds Matter of Denver aids students in need

GRADUATES GUARANTEED CU DENVER ADMISSION  CU Denver has recently partnered with Minds Matter of Denver, a non-profit organization that is committed to serving underrepresented youth predominantly in Denver Public Schools (DPS). This partnership will lead to an influx of motivated and passionate intellectuals coming to

Single Review // 888

Older  now // Artificial Island Records 888, the critically and nationally acclaimed alt-rock band right out of Denver, has released their new single “Older Now.” This track is the first song released from their much-anticipated EP, which is set to drop later in 2017. “Older Now”

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Lacrosse builds more than sportsmanship

CU DENVER CLUB SPORTS BUILDS A COMMUNITY As the campus shifts out of the dreary months of winter and into the closing weeks of the semester, students are coming to terms with what might be the most difficult time of the academic calendar one CU

Teague Bohlen

EATING- UH, TEACHING- ENGLISH STUDENTS As campus springs back into the warm embrace of the season, students seem to still wallow in a post-break stupor. The perpetual drain of classwork has always followed students into the dying weeks of the year, which is exactly why