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I am at a point in my life right now that I literally can’t think of any words to describe how I’m feeling. I’ve never thought about my own situation in life so much and been so unable to put words to what it I’m going

Ramen proves to be best

Uncle ramen is a Denver must-have It is damn near impossible to find what makes the Denver food culture pop in one restaurant. But, Uncle, located on 2215 West 32nd Avenue deep in the Highlands, is the pinnacle of Denver culinary experiences, period. Every aspect


Over the course of the past semester, I have taken very few chances to properly editorialize in this column. I often have drawn on world events and tried to make some attempt to relate them back to the student body here at CU Denver. But,

Stranger than Fiction

Nervousness, in my experience, is what separates those who excel and those who fall short. I have been forced to think about nervousness in recent weeks. As I have begun on the campaign trail, there has been a whole slew of events that have caused

Stranger Than Fiction

Because of a paper I’m researching for, I have spent a lot of time over the past year thinking about the weird reasons we  human beings have changed the ways  we perceive natural phenomena. Naturally occurring plants like spices and peppers and tea and coffee

Recent discovery reveals Kardashian secret

Kardashians likely asexually reproducing The ever-shifting nature of the contemporary social world has caused many a rift among celebrities. Some have managed to rise to the never-before-seen heights of vanity, reaching incredibly broad amounts of people. There is perhaps no greater example of this success


President Trump has done well to capture his voice on social media. Twitter has become the President’s go-to soapbox. Yet, I fear Americans are forgetting perhaps the best policy he has ever shared with us on the web way back in October 2012. “Robert Pattinson

Stranger Than Fiction

Stress seems to be the foundational component of being a college student today. I feel like all I hear is I’m drowning or you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to take 15 credits and work 30 hour weeks. I guess these people are sort of

Stranger Than Fiction

Oscar buzz is reaching its final crest of widespread media coverage after the event took place over the weekend. Perhaps the most intriguing of the films I had the privilege of viewing was the documentary of the year, Icarus. This film, which follows the life