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Astrology girls around the world: “I told you so.”

An apology to the backbone of society “I told you so,” said Mihkeighlah Moonstone, resident astrology girl on the CU Denver campus, echoing the sentiments expressed by every other quirky, Co-Star addicted hippie in the world. “The vibes were off.”  Yes, Mihkeighlah, the vibes were off. Something

2020 is the reckoning Papa John was talking about

All hail the Pizza King   Move over Raven Simone: Papa John is the new pop culture clairvoyant. In November 2019, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter (who, for clarity, will only be called Papa John for the remainder of this article) said in an interview, “Stay tuned. The

CU System Hires Chief Diversity Officer

Added position aims to improve diversity and inclusion on CU’s campuses At CU Denver, 44 percent of the undergraduate student body is composed of students of color, 7 percent of the university are international students and 51 percent of incoming freshmen are first-generation college students

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Don’t pressure people to be vegan

It’s exclusionary and rude In his Oscar acceptance speech, Joaquin Phoenix preached about veganism. At a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada, vegan activists stole the mic and poured pink liquid on themselves—all in the name of being cruelty free and morally just.   Whether for

CROWN Act Introduced to Colorado Legislature

Aims to eliminate discrimination based on hair  In the transition from education to the workforce, most people begin to worry about looking “professional.” While for some that may just mean wearing a suit, others must worry about their most natural characteristics, such as hair. Up

Iowa Caucus inspires questions on technology in politics

Colorado’s vote counting process for presidential primaries On February 3, both Democrat and Republican voters in Iowa gathered to cast their votes and choose delegates. In a caucus, voters convene in public spaces, then vote for their own individual candidates before those votes are translated

Grieving shouldn’t mean idolization

It’s important to recognize kobe bryant’s mistakes too On January 26, the world lost an all-star athlete. A father. A mentor. And an alleged rapist.   In 2003, basketball legend Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19- year old girl in a Colorado ski

Pinegrove | Marigold | Album Review

Rough Trade Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Pinegrove’s new album, Marigold, is a dreamy, sunshine-y reimagination of indie rock music. Two years after their last album, Skylight, Pinegrove continues to push the boundaries of emo, indie music into American folk and country music.

New law introduced to reinforce protections for student media

Expanded first amendment protections for faculty advisors, multimedia productions  In the era of fake news and increasing political polarization, student media organizations have struggled to stay transparent while maintaining a positive relationship with their institutions. A new amendment to an existing Colorado law would expand First