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Compound Sound returns for round two

Wyoming festival showcases Denver artists With Denver’s various music festivals leaving the Mile High City this coming summer, a more recent festival addition, christened with the fitting name Compound Sound, has started to gain stature in the music scene a short trek outside of Denver. 

RTD asks for input on commuting in Boulder County

Denver traffic increasing commute to Boulder The B Line light rail route through RTD was approved by voters in 2004 to expand services and commuter transit across Denver’s metropolitan regions. The proposed stops include Flatiron, Louisville, Boulder Junction, and Downtown Longmont. In 2016, the B

New tunes for the new year

2019’s most anticipated albums Twenty-nineteen is already shaping up to be an excellent year in music. These highly anticipated new releases from some of music’s biggest stars are bound to make the new year memorable.  Khalid Straight off his mixtape release in October 2018, Khalid

Gnash | we | Album Review

Rating: 3.5 out 5 stars Atlantic Before Gnash took the music industry by storm in 2016 with his hit single “i hate u, i love u” with Olivia O’Brien, Gnash made himself a name on SoundCloud with his various collaborations with artists like Goody Grace

Denver activists work to decriminalize mushrooms

Initiative could appear on May election ballot Denver has recently been making national headlines with the new effort to decriminalize a particular type of “magic mushroom” or the psilocybin mushroom. The Psilocybin Initiative is currently the effort of activists of Decriminalize Denver, whose adage is

Winter weather induces difficult traffic conditions

Commuting safely in Denver’s winters With winter storms and colder temperatures making an entrance into Denver’s climate, the city’s increasingly crowded roadways can prove to be more dangerous in winter storms than in warmer weather. According to Colorado Public Radio, a national survey found 20

Colorado’s best up-and-coming musicians

Three local crowd-pleasers Tennis Husband and wife duo Tennis (pictured), first met in a philosophy class here at CU Denver in 2008 but have since been making waves in the Colorado music scene after an eight-month sailing trip after graduation.  Older tracks from the duo

Imagine Dragons | Origins | Album Review

Interscope Rating: 4 out of 5 stars The fourth studio record from Imagine Dragons, released on Nov. 9, snakes listeners through the group’s various eras and genres from their past three releases. Origins takes fans on an expedition back to the group’s beginnings, living up