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“Something Good Can Work” I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions lately, all stemming from a lot of different factors happening in my life recently. Usually I’m not an emotional person and when I do have them, I certainly don’t share them with the people


Roaring 20s I have now been 20-years-old for 72 hours. The idea of it has started to ease up on me as the days progress, but has also brought upon a lot of reminiscing. This has been the first year that turning a certain age on


Folie á Deux One of the first records I ever received was Folie á Deux by Fall Out Boy for my 17th birthday a few years back. Fall Out Boy, as harrowing as this may sound, has been a paramount band in my existence. When

Clairo | Immunity | Album Review

FADER Label Rating: 4 out of 5 stars After the colossal success of Clairo’s viral DIY music video for “Pretty Girl” and more recent successful collaborations with Wallows in “Are You Bored Yet?” the 21-year-old singer released her debut full-length record Immunity in August. The


Frisson A few days ago, I read a study that those who encounter frisson—a french term meaning goosebumps or “aesthetic chills”—when they listen to music might be more emotional, have unusually active imaginations, and often seek out new experiences. I guess this is just something I’ve


Fireworks This week, I took to Google to find some false sense of inspiration for my column under the search “writing topics.” One of the topics I found was “Fireworks;”  the purpose of it was just to describe the cacophony of sounds that comes from

Hoodie Allen | Whatever USA | Album Review

Self-Released Rating: 5 out 5 stars Hoodie Allen is making waves yet again in the independent rapper territory with the release of his fourth studio album, Whatever USA. The record takes fans back to some of Allen’s first releases with nostalgic feeling, yet still contemporary

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Animals should not be punished for human actions

Humans should respect wildlife habitat and preserves rules The summer months often bring road trips exploring wild and far out places. But along with that often comes the endless outpour of news articles relating to wildlife attacking humans in various habitats around the country. In


TOO INVESTED Coming from a small town in Wyoming, I’ve been friends with the same people since I started elementary school. Over the summer, my best friend, that’s been by my side since second grade, got married on her family’s ranch in June. The two

Alec Benjamin | Jesus in LA | Single Review

Atlantic Records Rating: Thumbs up After the wide success of previous singles like “Let Me Down Slowly” or “If We Have Each Other,” Alec Benjamin released the highly anticipated follow up to previous hits, “Jesus in LA,” in late July. The upbeat track narrates a