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CD Review // Bishop Briggs

BISHOP BRIGGS // Teleport Records Bishop Briggs released her debut self-titled EP which blasts out a powerful performance that upholds her strength as a singer. Having nabbed the top 10 for the rock and alternative charts back in 2016 with her lead-single “River,” her EP

Vietnamese restaurant is the Bom

FLAVORFUL, DELICIOUS Pho Bom is a geode waiting to be discovered: its exterior may be unnoticeable, blending into the blandness of the background, but it isn’t defined by its surface or its environment. Despite being hard on the eyes, this classic Vietnamese noodle and grill

Aurora theater shooting memorial underway

MEMORIAL FOUNDATION CHOOSES FINALIST In February, organizers from the 7/20 Memorial Foundation narrowed down their selection of artists for the Aurora theater memorial to four candidates. The 7/20 Memorial Foundation consists of survivors and relatives of victims of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting who wanted

Will anyone read this: yes or no?

Nope not a single reader anymore Generally, people don’t read anymore for many reasons. No one understands the Constitution when they read it, no one cares what Apple’s Terms and Conditions have to say, and everyone already heard the abridged version of the Bible. Why

CD Review // Avenhart

Avenhart CAM RECORDS Avenhart—the freshest faces to Denver’s indie-folk scene—released Avenhart on March 16 via CAM Records. CAM Records is a student-run record label on CU Denver’s campus and has seen releases from the likes of The Fray, One Flew West, and other beloved Colorado

CD Review // Natalie Hemby

Puxico  (GetWrucke Productions) Puxico is Natalie Hemby’s debut album, although she’s not new on the scene. Before releasing her own work, she wrote songs for a number of well-known country singers, from Toby Keith to Miranda Lambert. By starting within such a polarizing musical genre,

Stop pretending to be an economist

IT’S NOT THE ECONOMY STUPID A  friend of mine once said, “You know what the problem is with being an economist? Everyone has an opinion about the economy, but no one goes up to a geologist and says, ‘Igneous rocks are hogwash.’” A specter is

CD Review // Rag n’ Bone Man

Human Columbia Records Rory Graham, an up-and-coming blues and soul singer—performing under the pseudonym Rag‘N’Bone Man—has grabbed the attention of European audiences. His latest studio album, Human, is no exception. As of this February, it has become the best-selling male debut in a decade. His

Denver Public Library helps homeless community

LIBRARY EXPANDS SOCIAL OUTREACH PROGRAM Denver’s Central Library has always been a haven to the community’s homeless population. Two years ago, in an effort to cater to the needs of its visitors, the library set out to create a social program for the homeless community.

Single Review // Goldlink

Rough Soul (Squaaash Club) Goldlink is a new face in the hip-hop world, and his inexperience does not match his talent. His first mixtape, The God Complex, has received critical acclaim from critics, including shout-outs from Spin and Complex. His latest project, “Rough Soul,” is a