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Review: Avengers: Endgame is a fitting send off

Marvel’s grand finale, Avengers: Endgame, is an ode to triumph, in finishing the 11-year story that started in 2008 with the original Iron Man. How does one cope with extreme loss and guilt? Avengers: Endgame dives deep into telling the story of how the remaining

Lil Nas X | Old Town Road | Single Review

Columbia Rating: Thumbs Up A song that features a swift and smooth combination of country guitar and steady trap beats, Lil Nas X teams up with country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus in the remix of “Old Town Road.” Debuting at the top of both the country

Walt Disney Studios buys 20th Century Fox

What do film and television students think? “Welcome Home” captioned many posts on Instagram to a picture of the Fantastic Four and X-Men walking through the gates of Disney, when the deal between 21st Century Fox and Disney became complete. After more than a year

Whichcraft bewitches Next Stage Gallery

The art asks “which” materials are used Located in the Performing Arts Complex in Downtown Denver, Whichcraft has taken over the tiny Next Stage Gallery with interesting pieces of work by a trifecta of artists: Melanie Walker, Carol Golemboski, and Mariana Vieira. A play on

Schoolboy Q | Numb Numb Juice | Single Review

Interscope Rating: Thumbs Up Schoolboy Q’s hiatus is over, as he released his new single “Numb Numb Juice.” The song offers a refreshing start to Q’s career after a long hiatus and the inconsistency of his releases. Owning a runtime of a little under two

Lil Skies | Shelby | Album Review

Atlantic Rating: 3 out of 5 Rising up as one of today’s top young mumble rappers in the business, Lil Skies released his second studio album, Shelby. Known for his hit song “Red Roses” featuring Landon Cube, on his first studio album Life of a

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Mardi Gras-themed 40 West Arts District art crawl

Galleries on Colfax host special art walk The first Art Crawl of 2019 featured different forms of vibrant art work with a New Orleans style twist to the scenery, taking place on Friday, March 1. The Mardi Gras-themed event had painted mannequins dazzling in colored