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Lunay | Epico | Album Review

Star Island Rating : 3.5 out of 5 stars Working his way up to stardom in the Latin/hip-hop genre, Puerto Rican singer Jefnier Osorio Moreno, known as Lunay, released his debut album Epico in late October. The 14-track LP runs a little over half an

Kanye West | Jesus is King | Album Review

Def Jam Records  Rating: 2 out of 5 stars A Christian-themed album that is short of its expectations and surrounding hype, Kanye West’s ninth studio album, Jesus Is King, is short lived, overworked, and overall an annoyance to listen. Running at a moderate length of

Scared Little Big Boy

Sometime in the year 2012, when I thought I was a big boy, I saw my first scary movie in theaters. During the semi-cold winter of New Mexico, where a single snowflake makes the public schools want to have a snow day, I was watching

Julia Michaels | If You Need Me | Single Review

Republic Records Rating: Thumbs Up Julia Michaels’ new single “If You Need Me” is a melodious, heartwarming piece of music that engages audiences from the get-go. An emotional ride of just over three minutes, Michaels’ message is clear: she wants to help those in need.

G-Eazy | Scary Nights | Album Review

RCA Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Concluding the season of spooks and scares with a Halloween-esque album, Oakland-raised rapper G-Eazy released his EP Scary Nights in late October. The 8-track album consists of a breezy runtime of roughly 28 minutes and contains many

Hocus Pocus is the best children’s halloween film

It’s tragically underrated and overlooked Once the time of spooky season is upon the human race, it’s always about the scares, the treats, and the occasional argument on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas should be watched now or later because it is the “supreme” movie of the season.

Kevin Gates | I’m Him | Album Review

Atlantic Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Mostly known as the “Two Phones” guy due to his hit single back in 2016, Kevin Gates is slowly continuing to build on his rap career with the release of his sophomore album I’m Him. An excessively

Pull out the weights with these hits

Best songs to work out to When hitting the gym, it can be hard to go without headphones. Working out to music blocks out all the distractions in order to maintain focus when grinding out the pain with every lift of those 10lb dumbbells. Most