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Guilty! of being creative

Online student art exhibit recognizes hard-working students As the school year is coming to an end, it’s time for students to be recognized for their hard work, and Emmanuel Art Gallery is doing exactly that with its annual exhibition. This year, the gallery has had to

Words from a wallflower

A walk in my slippers I had a pair of three-year-old tan slippers that I got over family weekend freshman year. There was a stain on the top right slipper from when I dropped food on it in the CVA dining hall, and the toes

Words from a wallflower

Rethinking the Unknown While I have been keeping up with the news updates that have been plastering my tv and phone screens, I have turned to the campaign Some Good News that has been launched by John Krasinski for an uplifting escape. He recently announced

Words from a wallflower

Holy Duck Exactly seventy days after I received a waitlist email from the University of Oregon (my first choice for a law school), I received this one: “It is my pleasure to inform you of your admission to the University of Oregon School of Law

Words from a wallflower

Tulips Before I went back home to Washington, my mom had planted 30 tulips in her front yard. Only eight remain standing, as the rest were stampeded by two puppies who couldn’t resist sitting on the stems or putting the petals in their mouths.   Just

Communication is Key

List of creative ways to stay in touch Keeping in touch with friends and family has always been an important thing to do, but it can feel more pertinent now than before. Phone calls and video chats are important to stay connected, but instead of

Words from a Wallflower

Dancing Queen In the house that I grew up in in Las Vegas, my family would open the windows (when it was cool enough in the mornings) and blast ABBA music through the stereo while we cleaned on Sundays. This is a simple thing, but

Words from a wallflower

Dropping Out I have self-diagnosed myself with chronic senioritis. The aggressive disease has been raiding my body since I graduated high school, and in the brave decision to chase the cure, I have decided to drop out in my final semester of college.   Some people, especially

That One Roommate | Roommate Noises | Album Review

…And They Were Roommates Records Rating: 1 out of 5 stars With That One Roommate’s debut of “That One Song” in the shower a year ago, the one-man band has gone back to the studio to record a full album, Roommate Noises, moving beyond the confines of the bathroom

Words from a wallflower

Coming Together In the midst of adapting to the “new normal” with the pandemic, both as a student and simply as a human being, I have been reading a book with a message that resonates with me—especially during a time like this.    The Day the World Came to Town tells the story