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Words from a wallflower

Surprises have never been my forte. I either spill the beans or give enough hints with my nonexistent poker face. This held true for this weekend when I “surprised” my mom in Washington for her birthday. I had been planning this trip with my stepdad

Words from a wallflower

These past couple weeks have brought me many firsts: my first time acting as a board member for clubs, my first time going to the Block Party, my first time mentoring freshmen, and my first time as a section editor. I was holding back my

Words from a wallflower

The Feeling of Home Two pictures hang on my bedroom door. One is of my family at my mom’s graduation and the other is of me and my boyfriend when I was dropped off at college. These photos greet me when I come back from

And so the adventure begins…

The Wellness Center Gets Students Immersed in the Outdoors One of the many facets of the Wellness Center at CU Denver is to provide students with outdoor excursions through Adventure Trips. After wrapping up the summer sessions, the members in the Adventure branch have already

CU Sculpture Club does iron pour

A hands-on training for arts students Tucked in a corner, past the bridge that connects the Arts Building and West Classroom, orange molten iron was flowing from a three-legged industrial furnace that was standing on a bed of sand, surrounded by art majors, alumni, and

Tie dye to not drive high

Campus event promotes safety on 4/20 Tie Dye to Not Drive High goes beyond just a catchy name. On Thursday, April 18, the Student Wellness Center hosted the tie-dying event outside in the courtyard between the Wellness Center and the Student Commons, promoting safety for

CU Denver hosted Farewell Open House for Raul Cardenas

Students and faculty share fond memories In honor of Raul Cardenas, Ph.D., the Vice Chancellor for Student Development, the Lola and Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center hosted his Farewell Open House on Tuesday, April 16, attracting both students and faculty to share their positive and

Surprising number of Millennials moving to Elizabeth, CO

Trend counters stereotype of Millennials preferring urban life With Denver’s growing population, it would be assumed that young adults prefer to live in a lively city. However, a recent study posted on 9News showed a trend of Millennials moving to rural areas of Colorado, specifically

CU Denver 2019 Student Government Association election

Current SGA President Matthew Kriese offers parting advice The SGA election is upon CU Denver students. As the current members bring their term to a close, they part some advice and welcome this year’s candidates. The ballot is comprised of CU Denver candidates who were

That One Roommate | That One Song | Single Review

Shower Records Rating: Thumbs Down That One Roommate who sings the deafening rendition of “That One Song” with high notes in the shower needs to know they are not worthy of releasing the next big single. While their less-than-mediocre vocals might sound stellar to them