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Art Supplies

Not Quite So, I got a pretty poor grade on a portfolio assignment this week. It’s mostly my fault for not finishing it; I haven’t concentrated on it as much as I should have between other classes’ assignments and old hard drives crashing. The crashing

Art supplies

X-Ray Vision I’m bad at selfies, and I usually hate other photos of myself, so when I’m doing portraits of someone and they’re uncomfortable, I honestly understand. I mean, I’ve never actually seen my own face. I’ve seen my (flipped) face in a mirror, and

The All-Night Vigil makes a noteworthy appearance

St. John’s does Rachmaninoff St. Martin’s Chamber Choir kicks off their 25th anniversary season with a gorgeous performance of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. Held in the historic Saint John’s Cathedral in Capitol Hill, the lights were dimmed to simulate the darkness in which it would traditionally

Art Supplies

Hello Fear You know what’s really weird? Being a human who gets paid for the output of their creative brain for a business’ needs.  Let me be specific: I am afraid that every time I go to shoot something for a paid assignment, the muse

Art Supplies

I’m tired of everyone posting crap photos everywhere. And not just a couple—clearly people held down the shutter and then posted everything that came out the other end. Why is it that everyone is a photographer now? More to the point: why is it annoying? 


If you’ve ever seen two photographers at the same event, you may have noticed they play a little game I call “Whose Lens is Bigger.” It’s like a dick-measuring contest—but publicly acceptable, and supposedly signals something about one’s artistic merit or level of professionalism or