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Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

The past nine months have been wild. Somehow, that feels like an understatement. From my personal life to the state of the nation, it feels like everything around me has changed so radically that I’m not the same person I was when I started working

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

The most hypocritial comment I hear from “allies” on a regular basis is, “I don’t care what people do in the bedroom, but I don’t want to hear about it, you know?” These people who consider themselves allies of the LGBTQ+ community believe that they’re

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

In 2014, former President Obama issued Executive Order 13673, which required companies and employers to prove that they were compliant with federal workplace policies. It was signed alongside Executive Order 13672, which provided federal protection of LGBTQ+ employees against discrimination. Until March 27, employers had

CD REVIEW // Maroon 5

Every Song Ever Written by Maroon 5 // Call the Cops Inc. Since its inception in 2001,  pop-rock band Maroon 5 has released five studio albums about love, sex, and relationships. Fans of the band can now enjoy every song they’ve ever written at the

Bus stops in Denver: kinda OK

HOME TO PIGEONS AND PEOPLE ALIKE The RTD bus system serves as a part-time home for the many people who spend endless hours of their lives waiting for buses that never arrive on time. Luckily, though their scheduling is flaky at best, RTD provides welcoming

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Bork Bork Bork // Bones

This is Bones McCoy of the U.S.S. Enterprise, reporting from the inside of my kennel because I just had my balls ripped out of my body and I’m not allowed to leave the apartment. This has been the worst week of my short life. I

Queerly Beloved// Gem Sheps

Buckle in, kids, it’s time for a lesson on LGBTQ+ terminology from yours truly. With as many terms for sexualities and genders as there are nowadays, people are bound to get confused. It happens. Language is an ever-evolving beast that cannot be reigned in for

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Wellness Center Check in

Construction on the much anticipated Student Wellness Center is well underway on Auraria Campus. The project’s construction broke ground in September of 2016 and the process, according to Executive Director of the Wellness Center Amber Long, has been smooth sailing so far. From the windows

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

I had always hoped that by the time I was an adult I would have everything figured out, and for a while, I did. On my 18th birthday, I was a soon-to-be high school graduate and upcoming college freshman. I had been accepted into the CU

CU Personality // Lacie Edgars @ i-lov-iT Market

The i-lov-iT Market sits smack-dab in the middle of the Tivoli Student Union and serves as a quick stop-and-shop convenience store for students on the run. While many customer service exchanges are rushed and often forgettable, Lacie Edgars has rarely had such a plain interaction.