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CD REVIEW: Britney Spears

Glory (RCA Records) Britney Spears’ latest album Glory, dropped on Aug. 26. After a year-long dearth of new music, Glory carries on the pop queen’s legacy of producing catchy party-girl anthems perfect for a college sorority bash. Glory tries to put a new edge on

The Phantom of the Opera Stuns at Buell

CLASSIC STORY UNDERGOES GRITTY FACELIFT Producer Cameron MacIntosh’s lavish production of The Phantom of the Opera opened at Buell Theater on Aug. 25, a highly anticipated stop of the stirring and gloriously experimental North American tour. Though devoted fans might associate the brilliant score and

Music journalism in a diverse Denver arena

JOURNALIST EMBRACE COMPLEX MUSIC SCENE The music scene in Colorado is a niche-filled landscape, pocketed with gritty punk rock, grungy synth-pop, the latest alternative indie-folk, and psychedelic EDM. Classical cellos fill the halls of the DCPA and the botanical gardens while hard metal bands shake

What fish have to say about disability

Finding Dory Is Honest, Hopeful   Finding Dory landed in theaters in June, and once again the story of tropical fish searching for family members brought down the house. The pristine animation, rollicking plot, and memorable characters swept in more than  $185 million in box