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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

In the words of great fictional political leader Leslie Knope, “I… Sad.” The night of the election, when production night at the Sentry office had finished, I went to my friend’s house and I sobbed. I cried thinking about the possibility that Trump might win,

A Basic Guide To Light Rail Conduct

JUST BE COURTEOUS Most of our student population commutes to campus each day, and we all follow certain conventions when it comes to moving ourselves about. We hold the door open for the person behind us, respect traffic lights, and do our best to park


Lady Wood (Island Records) Swedish artist Tove Lo released her sophomore album Lady Wood on Oct. 28, and the 12-track set provides a well-executed run of catchy, vaguely-familiar rhythms that set up the deceptive expectations of fluffy reiterations of butterflies-in-love lyrics and party anthems that

Arada: A Gem of Transplanted Cuisine

COMBINES SPICE, FINGER FOOD Tucked away in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District, Arada Ethiopian Restaurant offers a tasty experience that combines East African flavor with America’s favorite eating utensils: fingers. Arada was labeled Westword’s “Best African Restaurant” back in 2008 and has

So, Your Dad Is Voting For Vermin Supreme

THINK TWICE BEFORE DISOWNING YOUR FAMILY FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS It’s been a brutal 18 months. This election has subjected all US citizens and the watching world to a sort of torture that’s shattered hope for the future of the human condition. American citizens have

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Edible Plants Showcased at Botanic Gardens

LOCAL ARTIST FUSES DETAIL, MINIMALISM Alongside its tropical greenhouses, strange and smelly flowers, and lush, groomed walkways lined with blue oat grass and cashmere sage, the Denver Botanic Gardens boasts an impressive roster of local sculpture and artpieces. Currently, the Gardens are showcasing the paintings

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Rio Paralympics Astonish With New Records

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, concluded on Sept. 18. The 15th Summer Paralympic Games saw over 4,000 athletes from 159 different countries competing in what commentators titled as the most well-attended Paralympics. The event, which coincieswith

Local Artist Explores Subjectivity Through Collages

Point Gallery on Santa Fe is currently showcasing the work of local artist Jennifer Davey. The exhibit, What You Believe Is What You See, explores the relational experience of living in an era of turbulent politics and social self-reform. The paintings of Jennifer Davey—a longtime

Students Are Not Single-Issue Voters

STOP YOUR POLITICAL PANDERING Politicians are desperately trying to connect with the college voter demographic, and their platforms have inevitably revolved around student loans and tuition costs. On Aug. 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton’s official Twitter page tweeted out “How does your student loan debt make

Kubo Innovates Stop Motion Animation

FILM A TREAT FOR EYES, HEARTSTRINGS Kubo and the Two Strings entered theaters in mid-August with a fanfare of critical acclaim. It won international praise for its immaculate stop motion animation, and the thoughtful plot had audiences both cheering and crying in the theaters. The