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Jason Mraz | Know. | Album Review

Atlantic Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Jason Mraz’s newest release Know. returns audiences to his true troubadour vibe of catchy guitar riffs and spot-on street corner rhymes all about knowing love. The album reads as a meet cute where boy-likes-girl-and-asks-girl-out-on-a-date, breezing through 10 tracks song

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Colorado has a history of star olympians

Mile-high athletes span across the globe Colorado is world-renowned for its outdoor activity, no matter the season. However, winter sports reign supreme in the Rocky Mountains. With the 2018 Winter Olympics in full swing in PyeongChang, Colorado has sent 36 athletes to compete in 17

MGMT | Little Dark Age | Album Review

Record Label: Columbia Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars MGMT has created an album full of songs that sound nothing like MGMT songs. In this instance, that’s not a bad thing. Little Dark Age, their fourth album, still has their signature undercurrent of darkness,

No Age | Snares Like a Haircut | Album Review

Label: Columbia Records Rating: Three out of five stars No Age is more than a band; they are a wave of harmonious cacophony. The ambient punk band—also called “noise”—has released their new album, Snares Like a Haircut, which is a gritty, noisy return from their

The Shins | A Worm’s Heart | Album Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Record Label: Columbia Records In 2017, The Shins released their album Heartworms with a master plan. Since its release, frontman James Mercer had the desire—thanks to his wife’s suggestion over breakfast—to create a “flipped” version of the album. On

Marcia Neville kicks off a career

COMMUNICATION IS A TEAM A SPORT Sports and teamwork are important to Marcia Neville. In fact, she’s made a career out of them. Neville grew up hopping around the country, landing in Denver after graduating from Ithaca College with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio &