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Most overplayed song

NOBODY WANTS CAKE BY THE OCEAN Late last summer, DNCE released their debut single “Cake By The Ocean,” which reached the top 10 charts in the US in almost no time. And while it may have been a worldwide hit, the song itself remained lackluster.

Worst Day Ever

DOOMSDAY: NOVEMBER 16, 2016 The 2016 election day was one for the books. After an intense and exhaustive campaign season, many Americans were shocked when Donald Trump, businessman and new politician, became the 45th President of the United States. Just eight years ago, the US

Worst Campus Renovations

DID ANYONE SERIOUSLY ASK FOR THIS? Over the last year, students have become accustomed to the sounds of construction workers drilling at concrete, putting up drywall, and ripping out carpet around campus. As beneficial and pleasing to the eyes as some of the changes have

Dinner for three for Mike Pence

VP ALONE REFUSES TO DINE WITH OTHER WOMEN The White House under the Trump Administration has seen many bizarre instances coming from his staff, from caricatures like Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway starring in controversies on a weekly basis. The

CD Review // Flint Eastwood

BROKE ROYALTY // Neon Gold Records Flint Eastwood, née Jax Anderson, released her EP Broke Royalty, on April 14. “Queen”—the first single from the EP—plays as the thematic backdrop to the EP, which is a twisting culmination of both dark and upbeat flares. Eastwood offers

CD Review // Cold War Kids

L.A. Divine // Capitol Records For die-hard fans seeking Cold War Kids signature sound and those who started listening to the band recently, it can be  collectively agreed that their most recent effort, L.A. Divine was a disappointment. The band didn’t recieve commerical success until Dear

Dream Big: a look into wild imaginings made real

NATIONAL FILM STOPS IN DENVER Engineering is one of the most coveted and in-demand jobs nationally, according to Forbes magazine. It’s also one of the hardest work forces to enter because of the competition. As difficult as engineering may seem-since it’s based in high-tensity math

Students volley for Greek Life at CU Denver

NON-TRADITIONAL CHAPTER FOR NON-TRADITIONAL SCHOOL Greek Life has been a staple for hundreds of universities in the US since the nation was originally founded in 1776, and fraternities and sororities are believed to add a sense of community and belonging on campus. CU Denver’s SGA