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Wellness Zone: Spiritual Health

The ingredients of spiritual wellness By Jeff Franklin, PhD What is spiritual health? It would be presumptuous to think we can define this for others. Spiritual journeys are unique. In my case, I was raised in a devout Christian family and have been a practicing

Should students be able to opt-out of fees?

Fees benefit everyone Opinion by Padideh Aghanoury Student fees are an inevitable part of college. These fees help pay for a variety of necessary features on a campus that are not fully funded by tuition alone. For example, students in the College of Liberal Arts

A Wrinkle in Time radiates with beauty

Disney fantasy is a sight to see by Alexander Elmore and Jaleesia Fobbs Disney’s updated adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, which is based on a 1962 children’s novel by Madeleine L’Engle, stands almost entirely on the grounds of sheer spectacle. Meg Murray (Storm Reid)

Beach House | Lemon Glow | Single Review

Record Label: Sub-Pop Records Beach House’s “Lemon Glow” gives a serene feeling but with an element of discomfort. With the unsettling background music and the soft undertone of vocalist Victoria Legrand’s voice, “Lemon Glow” gives the listener an overwhelming sense of stillness. In many senses,

Changing names after marriage: Yes or no?

A single name expresses unity Opinion by Amanda Blackman Marriage is the ultimate act of commitment. It signifies the union of two people that want to spend eternity together. That’s not a flippant scenario. When making such a life-altering choice, changing last names signifies an

Parks and Rec vs. The Office

Pawnee forever Opinion by Taylor Kirby Parks and Recreation and The Office have become sworn enemies of sitcom. Though their similarities begin and end with their premise—both are mockumentaries about American workplaces—fans have insisted on pitting these comedies against each other for the better part

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Letter to the editor

The colors of mental health By Lalitya Andaloori and Bryan Garcia As our school prepares to open a new Wellness Center soon, we must ensure the center is focused on promoting not just physical health, but mental health as well. We surveyed over one hundred

Vinyl or digital: which one is better?

Vinyl isn’t just background noise by Allison Ackerman The millennial generation is the generation that grew up with the evolution of the CD to MP3, MP3s to streaming apps. Millennials have not only experienced multiple new technologies in the music world but have also had

Is vlogging an artform?

Vlogging is anti-art Opinion by Amanda Blackman The practice of someone pointing a camera at themselves and vlogging may appear to be fun, but vlogging can have harmful effects for both viewers and vloggers. While my opponent will argue that vlogging is an artistic expression