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Artist most deserving of a mass fan following

#TeamTAYLOR // Savannah Nelson Taylor Swift, at age 27, is a music mogul and icon in all things popular culture. Her rise to fame as an artist has created an unshakable network of fans over the years, as she’s transitioned into a household name. Boy,

Sincerest Political Commentary

SETH MEYERS APPEALED TO THE PEOPLE In the true spirit of election season, comedic political commentary was at its height after President Trump was elected into office, giving comedians and talk show hosts an inch which was quickly stretched into a proverbial mile. Late-night hosts

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CAM JAM returns to campus for 8th annual fest

FEST BOASTS LOCAL AND CU DENVER ACTS The University of Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media (CAM) and CU Denver Live! will host the eighth-annual CAM JAM music festival on Auraria Campus on April 27 at the Tivoli Commons Stage. Operating as a free

Unpaid internships: yes or no?

GET PAID OR BUST // ASHLEY BAULER Every year when April rolls around prospective students have existential crises in regards to trying to find an internship. They encounter issues when they have to decide between experience and compensation, an unfair choice. It seems that the

Single Review // Coldplay

“HYPNOTISED” // Parlophone Records Coldplay’s new single “Hypnotised” harkens the lovable British rock band to its roots after many collaborations and an album of what seemed like Top 40 radio noise. The track begins with soothing arpeggios of bells and piano, which work hand-in-hand to

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Non-traditional students left behind

CU DENVER HAS MOVED ON CU Denver was once an oasis away from traditional college trends: dorm housing was nonexistent, “commuter” was used as a positive attribute, and campus facilities held a single purpose—to hold classes, which students would attend and then promptly leave, so

Uzi Vert’s bizzard weirdness speaks truth

Weird songs can be weird. Aside from the obvious, they allow the listener to explore odd topics and sonically irregular compositions and often find something  that comes as a fantastic surprise. Odd and obscure songs allow listeners to get the inside scoop into topics and

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Is More Life an Album or Playlist?

#Album // Jun Lee In this modern day and age, society needs to attach labels on numerous things to understand them. Music is no exception: Despite the comprehensive and blend of genres and styles, music has constantly evolved as a subjective field. In a world

Owning a pet in college: yes or no?

A FLUFFY STRESS RELIEVER // Ashley Kim Everyone had a childhood pet. And if they didn’t, they wanted one, and envied those who did. These domesticated creatures bring humans joy because of their contagious happy moods and their general ignorance to life and complex thought.

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Myers-Briggs testing: yes or no?

MISUSED, MISLEADING, MISERABLE // Mia Dorsey Whether it was an activity at school or a team-building exercise for work, people have probably come across the Myers-Briggs Test. And while the idea of discovering what type of person you are after answering a couple questions is