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Which console is best for Animal Crossing?

The GameCube is the move Opinion by Abby Wehrman The GameCube is the superior device to play Animal Crossing on, forever and always. The nostalgia of winter mornings fighting over whose turn it was to hold the silver controller, the little pitter-patter of the character’s

Should students try to graduate early?

No, students will miss opportunities Opinion by Samantha Register Most of us are only in college once. Why rush through the experience? While undergraduates may want to graduate college early, often in three years instead of four, to either enter the full-time workforce sooner or

Should people go to movie theaters?

There’s no place like home Opinion by Taelar Pollmann With the rise in popularity of streaming services, the days of quality movies being released “only in theaters” are in the rearview mirror. This exclusivity is the last advantage the theater still holds over home entertainment,

Is mac & cheese a pasta salad or cereal?

Hands down it’s a cereal Opinion by Holly McCloskey In the long-running debate about the nature of mac & cheese, it’s time to finally recognize the truth that people have been running from. 2019 is the year to admit that mac & cheese is the

Victoria Chang and the business of Barbie

Poet shares heartfelt moments at campus reading by Austin Bolton and Holly McCloskey The Tivoli Zenith Room was packed on the night of Thursday, March 7, with English majors and poetry fans all chattering excitedly in anticipation of the acclaimed poet Victoria Chang. She came to

Should campus be a smoke-free environment?

No, the current system is fine Opinion by Tara Perticone The reason for wanting to ban smoking makes sense—it’s bad for those who partake and others who are around it. However, it is still a personal choice whether someone decides to smoke or not. CU

Is Alita: Battle Angel worth the price of admission?

A pure special effects funhouse Opinion by Austin Bolton Alita: Battle Angel follows the story of a cyborg girl (spoiler: it’s Alita) who, after being scrapped and thrown away, is rebuilt by a doctor. Alita explores the metropolis of Iron City in the year 2563

Do we need a space force?

No, it’s not necessary Opinion by Amanda Blackman Any proposed branch of the military created to engage in out-of-this-world space battle should not be a priority for the current administration. The creation of Space Force would be relying on non-existent technologies and would raise taxes

“Cancel” culture: should it exist?

Yes, celebrities are influencers Opinion by Zoë Sackett “Cancel” culture has become a pinnacle of various social media platforms and has led to an environment that many regard as toxic as it leaves very little room for celebrities, who are after all just people, to