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How important is campus involvement?

EVERY STUDENT SHOULD PARTICIPATE | Matt Kriese Before students step into the professional world, it is crucial that they first understand the importance of community. College is a unique opportunity to begin establishing this community and using it to propel forward into future professional endeavors.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween or Christmas film?

IT’S A HALLOWEEN MOVIE | Alexander Elmore In 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Henry Selick and based on an original poem and screenplay by Tim Burton, was released in theaters. In the 25 years since its release, the film has sparked many debates

Denver Zombie Crawl: Photo Booth

WARNING: If Zombies and Spooky costumes scare you, I wouldn’t recommend scrolling down. Just looking out for ya!. – Admin Towards of the undead took over Skyline Park in downtown Denver on Oct. 7. Zombie Crawl has clearly maintained its popularity among Coloradans as it

Baby pics on social media: Yes or no?

THE CUTENESS SHOULD BE SHARED | Dilkush Khan Using social media platforms, users are able to share every part of their life, whether it be their lunch or their children—the latter being beneficial to both the parents and the viewers, since they’re so darn cute.

Pugs in the Park – Photo Booth

Every year, the Denver Pug Rescue hosts their annual fundraiser, Pugs in the Park. The event was lined with booths ranging from dog-themed pillows to a table where volunteers offered to clip the nails of even the most stubborn of pugs. At a booth adorned

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Grade forgiveness at CU Denver: Yes or no?

IT’S ONLY FAIR | GUY SIMONS Grade forgiveness is when a student retakes a class after receiving an F, and if a better grade is received, the failing grade is removed from the student’s transcript. Implementing grade forgiveness at CU Denver would help students tremendously.

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Tarantino: Manson family murders

A GOOD CHOICE | ALEXANDER ELMORE Critically acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has unofficially announced that he will write and direct a film version of the story of the Manson Family murders. The Manson family committed a total of seven murders on the nights of Aug.

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Should retail workers have to smile?

HUMANS ARE COMPLEX | Matt Kriese People often forget that the economy is not some conglomerate, unrecognizable, giant beast that invisibly shapes our lives; on the contrary, it is run and maintained by actual human beings who experience life in much the same way as

Stephen King’s IT: Film VS. Novel

HORROR LOVER’S NEW FAVORITE // ELINA KLESHCHINSKAYA Regardless if one has read It written by Stephen King or watched It back when it was released as a mini-series in 1990, the new film, released Sep. 8 is sure to be any horror-lover’s new favorite movie.

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Wonder Woman, Feminist or No?

A STEP FORWARD | Alexander Elmore Wonder Woman was applauded by critics and audiences alike for its strong female protagonist, thoughtful storyline, and impressive action sequences when it opened worldwide this summer. However, people have recently begun to speak out against the film, calling it