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Is vlogging an artform?

Vlogging is anti-art Opinion by Amanda Blackman The practice of someone pointing a camera at themselves and vlogging may appear to be fun, but vlogging can have harmful effects for both viewers and vloggers. While my opponent will argue that vlogging is an artistic expression

Valentine’s Day: Yes or no?

Just another hallmark holiday Opinion by Sarai Nissan Feb. 14 is the day that many dwell over with intense anxiety. The unsurmountable pressure of getting the perfect gift for a loved one for no considerable reason, the fear of them hating it (or faking loving

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Should cell phones be allowed at concerts?

People have a right to take photos by Sarah McLaughlin Performers such as Jack White are having concert goers lock up their phones in order to give them a “genuine experience,” according to a statement written by White’s representatives. Requiring that phones be locked away

Does Logan Paul deserve a second chance?

Everyone makes mistakes Opinion by Amanda Blackman Every person needs an opportunity for a second chance, no matter how atrocious their actions may have been. In the case of Logan Paul’s actions in the Aokigahara Forest of Japan, he deserves an opportunity to be redeemed.

Auraria Student Lofts raises prices of internet

Students weary of slow speeds Recently, the Auraria Student Lofts raised its internet prices. Because of this increase, many students living there are expressing concerns to managing staff. The Auraria Student Lofts’ internet was free until the Nelson Brothers, which is the new wifi management,

Should students add a minor to their degrees?

Minors matter by Amanda Blackman While at college, more students should pursue minors in addition to their major. Minors, while costing marginally more, allow for students to increase their chances for employment after graduation, as well as an opportunity to study a passion. Having any

How does binge culture affect viewer experience?

It is more convenient and fun By Jaleesia Fobbs Streaming services have given viewers instant gratification through content anytime and anywhere. Services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime give consumers the opportunity to be able to watch original content and catch up on both old

Raul’s Report: Never lose infinite hope

How Dr. King’s words live on and inspire us By Dr. Raul Cardenas Celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week, I’m reminded of the many impactful speeches he gave and the legacy of those words decades later. While I can’t quote

Wellness Zone: New center, new name, big gift

Local business owners gift $10 million By Amber Long, Executive Director, CU Denver Wellness & Recreation Services This new spring semester marks the final push to the opening of our new Student Wellness Center, and I can’t wait! After the university received a generous gift