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The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Last week, a 19-year-old terrorist shot rampantly through the halls and classrooms of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He killed 17 people, including students and staff members. He killed daughters and sons with an AR-15 that was purchased legally. He reminded us that we are

Podcast solves Georgia’s biggest case file

Up and Vanished explores strange disappearance Tara Grinstead, a 30-year-old high school history teacher and former beauty pageant queen, disappeared unexpectedly on Oct. 23, 2005. Grinstead left behind a nearly flawless crime scene in her home in Ocilla, Georgia—a town with a population just shy of 3,200

Ice Castles stand tall in Dillon

Fairy Tales brought to life Castles have been a fixture in history, storytelling, folklore, and fantasy;  society can’t help but be fascinated by their prestige and what perhaps once dwelled in these reliquaries. The fusion of history and fantasy has come together this winter with

Chloe Kim dominates X Games and the Olympics

17-year-old snowboarder proves why she’s the best Staying true to tradition, this year’s Winter X Games was held at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen at the end of January. Athletes competed in over 15 different categories, which included Snowboard Slopestyle, Ski and Snowboard SuperPipe, Snow BikeCross,

K-Pop makes a lasting impact in America

How a boy band is changing the game In the past, Korean pop artists (better known as “K-Pop”) and their corresponding labels have attempted to break through global boundaries, particularly into the American music scene. While some artists, such as popular boy band Big Bang,

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Jong Jin Kim left South Korea for America in 1982 hoping to find his version of the “American dream.” Kim quit his job as an engineer when his daughter was eight years old to support her snowboarding career after recognizing her talent and growing potential

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Between close scores and—my personal favorite—Tom Brady getting sacked, Super Bowl 52 was not a boring game, by any means. The Eagles put up a good fight and came out victorious with a much-deserved win, proving that sometimes the best way to be viewed is

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

I have learned how to do most things from YouTube. With one click and a little bit of effort, a “How to” video is always available to teach me a new skill set. And when I’m bad at something, a search for “fail” videos makes

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

There was an alarming amount of white women still wearing Pussyhats at the second annual Women’s March this past weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with this new and trendy “symbol of feminism,” it’s seriously okay. The Pussyhats are knitted pink beanies that have cat ears on