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Rocky start for Colorado baseball

The Rockies disappoint but do not surprise The Rockies have started off their 25th anniversary year characteristically—rocky. The team has only played 18 out of 162 games on the season, so it’s difficult to say what the rest of the year holds in store, but despite

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

A Quiet Place focuses on a family that has adapted to a new world in which they must remain absolutely silent to survive—or else they’ll be  killed by large creatures that have killed off most of  the human population. These creatures lurk in the woods and

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

It’s a characteristically cool March night in 2014. My best friends and I are waiting for a table in the cramped waiting area of our favorite Denver eatery, City O’ City. The ambiance is calm yet arrogant—a vibe that 17-year-old me couldn’t get enough of—and

Stop praising Love, Simon

Warning: this review spoils the poorly made film Surrounded by the backdrop of upper-middle-class suburbia and the white people to match, Love, Simon tells the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) who lives a picture perfect and extremely privileged life. He has caring (and at

The Minority Report | Kim

After a lot of consideration and life-long trauma, I have decided that I will be changing my entire name to Kim. Just Kim. No first, middle, or last name. Just a name—my name. I know this might be confusing to some people, but just trust

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Blue Ivy replaces Jay-Z on Beyonce Tour

Six-year-old to headline tour Tickets for Beyoncé’s collaborative tour “On the Run II” with her husband and rapper Jay-Z went on sale earlier this month. While Beyonce fans—known as the Beyhive—flocked to the internet to purchase tickets to see the duo perform, Beyoncé’s beloved six-year-old

Conflict in Wakanda

Gentrification sweeps the nation King T’Challa of Wakanda recently revealed that Wakanda is not a third-world country in Africa as has long been believed by the rest of the world. Many were shocked by the revelation. “The wise build bridges and the foolish build walls,”

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Last week, I had something happen to me that’s never happened to me before. My headlight went out. The experience I had was a humbling one. Ever since I have moved out and been “on my own”—whatever that means in college—I’ve been able to lean

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

There’s necessary discussion about the representation of women in Hollywood (and everywhere) right now, especially with the emergence of women actually having a say in how their stories are written. Shocking, I know. Female empowerment and recognition is important. These are two things I’m incredibly

Wakanda Forever | Ashley Kim

This is my first Marvel love letter. I don’t even know where to begin, Marvel. You did it. You showed everyone what accurate representation looks like and how much we need it. In 135 minutes, my entire existence was completely redefined. All I want to