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Macklemore | Glorious: Music Video Review

Macklemore is back with an upbeat anthem titled “Glorious.” The song is amusing and contagiously cheerful, and it’s coupled with visuals that will melt anyone’s heart. The video opens with Macklemore surprising his grandma, Helen Schott, for her 100th birthday. The two spend the day

It is time to help hurricane victims

SET ASIDE THE EXCUSES AND DONATE Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, TX on Aug. 25 this year. Many people in the United States stepped up to the plate to help those whose homes were destroyed, but many people couldn’t find it in themselves to

American Dream | LCD Soundsystem: Album Review

Artist: LCD Soundsystem Album: American Dream Release date: 2017 LCD Soundsystem is back with their new album, American Dream, released on Sept. 1. The band has not produced an album since the earlier half of 2014, and the gap in music production shows on this

Without Love | Alice Glass: Single Review

Artist: Alice Glass Single: Without Love Release date: 2017 Alice Glass has released her new single “Without Love,” post-Crystal Castles career. Crystal Castles is a dark electronic band associated with the witch house genre and is nothing short of spell-binding, melodic, and demonic at the

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Father John Misty: Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus

PICTURE J. TILLMAN LEAVES CROWD SPEECHLESS On Aug. 25, Josh Tillman, also known as Father John Misty, regally strolled onto the Red Rocks Amphitheatre stage alongside a live orchestra consisting of 20 members. His bluegrass roots shone through the neon blue haze of the stage.

Foster The People | Doing It For The Money

Foster the People’s latest single off their newest album, Sacred Hearts Club, titled “Doing It for the Money” warranted an absurd music video and the band delivered in spades. The visuals border on psychedelic and are almost undecipherable in thought. It is hard to grasp

Denver Housing Market is More Affordable

MORE HOMES MEANS LOWER COST For many Colorado natives, the housing market boom in Denver has been more of a nuisance than a benefit. Millennials cannot find affordable places to live, whether it be a first-time buyer home or an apartment; the houses are astronomically

Swift trial offensive to assault victims

A NON-REALITY-BASED CRUSADE ON SEXUAL ASSAULT A Denver meet-and-greet with radio host DJ David Mueller and Taylor Swift, in 2013, lead to a long legal battle over Swift’s accusations that Mueller sexually assaulted her. Over the course of the Summer of 2017, the trial held

Holidaily, a Gluten-Free Dedicated Brewery

ONE OF FIVE GLUTEN-FREE BREWERIES IN US In Feb. 2016, Holidaily Brewing Co. officially opened their doors to the public. After a year and a half of being open for business, the company continues to grow each and every week. Holidaily Brewing Co. is Colorado’s

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Happiest happy hour near campus

GET THE MOST DRUNK FOR YOUR BUCK Being a college student means being on a budget, and socializing can be expensive. Enter Tom’s Urban, located on the corner of Larimer Square and 15th Street. Tom’s Urban has the happiest hour within walking distance of campus.