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Songs that will never go out of style

THESE TRACKS ARE FOREVER YOUNG Some songs are only popular for a few months or, if they’re lucky, a few years. While some of the fleeting songs are fun for a casual listen, it is easy to turn the radio to a different station and

Most binge-worthy podcast

SERIAL’S STORYLINES SATIATE LISTENERS For victims of a curious spirit and lovers of true crime, Serial is the best podcast to binge. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, each season of the podcast focuses on one true crime story. That story is unraveled  in each episode. From

Best New A [?]OS Update

REVOLUTIONIZING A [?]PHONES AND A [?]PADS Apple describes their new A [?]OS 11 update as “a giant step for the A [?]Phone, and a monumental leap for the A [?]Pad.” Since the update’s release, Apple users have had nothing but positive responses. Users are blown away by

Silent discos are a trend on the rise

WHAT IS THE FASCINATION BEHIND SILENT DISCOS? Imagine a room full of dancing bodies, jumping and smiling late into the night, while a DJ is in the front of the venue providing the atmosphere. Instead of the live music being sent through loud speakers, it

Writing Excuses is motivational procrastination

PODCAST OFFERS ADVICE FOR CREATIVES Writing Excuses is a weekly podcast for writers, created by writers. The educational podcast aims to help listeners develop their writing skills. By discussing the intricacies of writing everything from novels to screenplays, listeners with any specific interest in writing

Robert Plant | Carry Fire: Album Review

Artist: Robert Plant Album: Carry Fire Release Date: Oct. 12, 2017 Robert Plant, former lead singer for Led Zeppelin, released his newest album, Carry Fire, on the record featuring simple yet haunting lyrics with complex acoustic melodies. Plant utilizes instruments from cultures around the world,

US news priorities need to change

LACK OF INTERNATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE IS CENSORSHIP  This fall has seen countless momentous global news stories. Southeast Asia faced one of the worst wet seasons in recent history, flooding the region with monsoons that killed over 1,200 people. The attack by terrorist forces in Niger on

Rick and Morty season three recap

SEASON FINALE LEAVES FANS UNRESOLVED Rick and Morty is a popular, adult animated TV show on Adult Swim. The show, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, focuses on a drunken, genius scientist—Rick Sanchez—and his socially anxious grandson—Morty Smith. The duo goes on interdimensional quests

Ryan Adams | Back in your head: Single Review

Ryan Adams recently released a new cover of the Tegan and Sara song “Back In Your Head” on Oct. 3. To commemorate the Twins’ 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough album, The Con, the Quinn Twins are putting together The Con X: Covers. The cover album