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Office of the Provost announces seven changes for campus

Grade forgiveness coming soon to CU Denver After reviewing University policies in a semi-annual process, the Office of the Provost announced seven changes to University administrative policies. Five policies have been updated, one has been rescinded, and one has been newly enacted by efforts of

John Legend | Preach | Music Video Review

Columbia Rating: Thumbs Up John Legend calls urgent attention to issues affecting the justice system in his latest music video for his single “Preach,” challenging viewers to turn tragedy into change. As Legend sings about the normality of social issues, viewers watch students run from

CU Denver addresses piping issues at Campus Village

Vice Chancellor Raul Cardenas and Campus Village residents weigh in On Feb. 8, an HVAC pipeline of glycol burst in Campus Village, flooding a common room, bathrooms, an elevator, and eight student suites. Students in the affected rooms are temporarily moved into a hotel until

GRiZ | Can’t Get Enough | Single Review

Self Released Rating: Thumbs Down GRiZ’s latest single “Can’t Get Enough” feels like an auditory assault. Marking the local dubstep producer’s singing debut, the track struggles to set itself apart from the standard EDM track. Contrasting bluegrass-style steel guitars and a pounding drum hook build

Broods | Don’t Feed the Pop Monster | Album Review

Neon Gold/Atlantic Rating: 2.5 out of 5 New Zealand alt-pop duo Broods’ latest record, Don’t Feed the Pop Monster, is a powerhouse of vulnerability and authenticity, providing a still-life perspective to their music-making experience. Underneath the emotional nature of the record though, it does exactly

The real magic behind the Grammys

An inside look with Professor Storm Gloor To many outside of the music industry, winning a Grammy doesn’t hold a great meaning. At a glance, the 61st Grammy Awards seemed to be nothing unusual, but a spectacle of a three-and-a-half-hour  concert can’t convey how individual

Participatory budgeting addressing student needs

Students voted for campus improvements Auraria Participatory Budgeting (APB) is a campus initiative that makes Auraria the first college campus in Colorado to implement a project involving students directly in the spending of a grant to improve their college experience. This Machine Has a Soul,

Beirut | Gallipoli | Album Review

4AD Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Globally-influenced indie rock staple Beirut returns. Throughout Beirut’s musical career, they have proven their consistency. What they are now is nearly identical to Gulag Orkesrar in 2006. Their pre-established sound is pure comfort. Gallipoli takes listeners on a

Review: As Long As We Both Shall Live

Local author’s second book is twisted, investigative fun Matt and Marie have been married for 20 years and are looking to rekindle their marriage. They plan a romantic getaway into Rocky Mountain National Park for a weekend full of fresh air, breathtaking views, and falling