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The Plot Thickens

Over the summer, I worked as a busser at a pizza restaurant. On my last day, I began thinking about what other summer jobs I would’ve liked to have. My top pick was working at a video store, like a Blockbuster during the 80s or

Years & Years | Palo Santo | Album Review

Polydor Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Years & Years’ second studio album, Palo Santo, opens with a chorus of deep, breathy voices whispering “when I pray” immediately followed by tribal drums and lead singer Olly Alexander’s hypnotic voice singing the haunting lyrics “In

#NotALazyStoner is well-intentioned, but not sustainable

The stoner clean-up initiative is in limbo The#StonerCleanupInitiative started in February 2017 with a cleanup of 10 blocks of the dirtiest part of Southern Philadelphia. It was dubbed the “Broad Street Brush Up,” and a total of 13 weed enthusiasts participated, filling up 13 industrial-sized

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Disability representation in pop culture

Denver Comic Con panel sheds light on the importance of representation in media Kelly Leach has shoulder-length brown hair, wears a neck brace, at least one arm brace, and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She guest-speaks on a close friend’s podcast, 2/3s, and is currently

People need to see diverse cinema

Audiences are the solution to increasing representation With Marvel’s Black Panther poised to become the third highest domestically grossing film of all time, it’s time to have a discussion about diversity in cinema. Diversity is a two-way street. While audiences demand diversity, both in ethnicity

Toni Braxton | Sex & Cigarettes | Album Review

Record label: Def Jam Records Rating: 4 out of 5 stars On Oct. 6, 2017, Toni Braxton released a new single entitled “Deadwood,” a song about being jilted by a lover. The rhythmic ballad featuring octave-jumping vocals became the lead single for her new album,

Bea Miller | Aurora | Album Review

Record label: Hollywood Records Rating: 5 out of 5 stars On season two of The X-Factor, 19-year-old singer Bea Miller rose to fame. Her second studio album, aurora, is a compilation of the three EPs she released over the last year along with five new

Amazon Echos band together and form army

Rise of machines terrifying users Ever since the Amazon Echo was released in November 2014, people everywhere have installed the voice-controlled device in their homes. The Echo features Amazon’s artificial intelligence called “Alexa,” which responds to users when its name is called. While users have