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CU Denver Sentry
P.O. Box 173364
Campus Box 83
Denver, CO 80217- 3364

Phone: (303) 556-2535


Tessa Blair

Managing Editor

Jaleesia Fobbs

STAFF 2018-2019

Editor-in-Chief| Tessa Blair
Managing/Forum Editor| Jaleesia Fobbs
News Editor| Miguel Robles
Leisure Editor| Alexander Elmore
Noise Editor| Alec Witthohn
Copy Editor| Haley Frank
Copy Editor| LeShaye Williams
Design Editor| Jeremy Holder
Photography Editor| Genessa Gutzait
Business Services Coordinator/ Advertising| Courtney Kristan
Faculty Advisor| Teague Bohlen

Ayden Adair, Erica Barillari, Kyleigh Beirne, Madison Daley, Ryan Egloff,Mariah Hayes, Taelar Johansen, Isaiah Mancha, John Mazzetta, Victoria Moffat, Katrina Silbaq, Alex South, Mailys Steiblen

Amanda Blackman, Ryan Egloff, Kennedy Erhart, Isaiah Mancha, Sarah McLaughlin, Victoria Moffat, Tara Perticone, Samantha Register, Leopoldo Ruffolo, Zoë Sackett, Adrian Toca, Abby Wehrman, Sam Weigel

Illustrators| Alex Gomez, Carter Klassen


Looking for an archive pre-2016? With the recent transition between The Advocate and The Sentry, most files pre-2016 aren’t available for online viewing/digital format. All archives are also publicly available in The Sentry HQ in the Tivoli Student Union Suite #345. Contact: for further assistance.