About Us

Since 1964, The Sentry has served as CU Denver’s premier source of campus and community news for students and members of the university community. This paper has published every Wednesday and continues to do so in this new century providing the latest in campus news and events in the Denver community.

Once known as The Advocate, as of 2016 The Sentry has once again revived the original name in efforts of getting back at our original history.

The Sentry boasts a succinct team of more than 15 contributing members working under 4 editorial sections that help contribute to making the paper come to life each week. Student’s serve at The Sentry’s editors, writers, photographers, and visual designers. An editorial team composed of CU Denver students serves as the official representatives in expressing the CU Denver student body views and ideas.

CU Denver may my not have a journalism program, but The Sentry serves as the opportunity to expose students to the world of journalism. Learning practical skills in writing, editing, and publishing.

The Sentry serves as a resource to the students, faculty, and staff and community members of Denver and the Auraria Campus.  The print paper offers coverage of not only on-campus events and topics but as well as encouraging the community to find something to call their own in the city of Denver.


From life to print since 1964.