Album review: Horizons by Starset

5/5 stars

It has been two years since Starset released a studio album. In their newest release, Horizons, some of the band’s main themes return: love and human connections. The band also utilizes the violin and cello to compliment the guitar, bass, drums and vocals once again.  

One of the strongest songs on this album is “Infected.” Some fans may recognize this song because it was released back in April as a single. The song focuses on the influence of human connections; people have influence over each other and the world even if it has a negative effect. It is present in the chorus when Dustin Bates (vocals) sings, “We do it one by one / Put your hands up and run / We’re addicted to the panic / And we hate the way / The world has become / But there ain’t no cure for it…” However, the song encourages people to see the situation to the end. Giving up is worse than not trying to fix a problem.  

Another strong song on this album is the sixth track, “Leaving This World Behind.” The song opens with a measure of staccato notes, but it soon transitions back to the band’s hard rock genre with all the instruments playing forte dynamics while the violin has the moving notes. The theme of love is expressed by the singer to the woman he loves. Together, the singer feels he could break through any obstacle thrown at them: “So sing tonight / We’re everbright / Burning through space, I see your face / I could beat kryptonite…”  

Overall, Starset has given listeners a superior album that balances heavy sounds and instrumentation with delicate themes of love to create a unique experience.  

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