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That Cozy Fall Feeling

This week’s playlist prompt was chosen based on how I always feel at the end of September to early October. I’m feeling that leather jacket & jeans weather, hot drinks from the campus Starbucks, orange and red leaves, oversized sweaters, and hiding under a blanket with a good book while a slight chill fills the air outside. Oh yeah baby, it’s Fall. I love Spring and Summer, and there are aspects to Winter that I enjoy, but Autumn takes the cake for the best season of the year. Every season has its ups and downs, but I’ve noticed Autumn has a lot of ups and just a few downs. It’s not freezing, biting Colorado-cold yet, but it’s also not sweaty, drowsy, dry Colorado-hot either. Although Colorado likes to rush its wintery weather in, I am grateful that before it snows, I get to enjoy the beauty of all the Fal leaves swirling through the air and decorating the trees. Not to mention, I have a Fall birthday (it’s not til October, so you have plenty of time to buy me a gift), plus it’s Halloween season! I think I’ve just been feeling cozy in general lately. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s my slight obsession with flannels, maybe I’ve just been feeling extra-thankful for my friends and loved ones, and the fact that I’m able to enjoy the beauty of a Colorado Fall in-person, on campus after a year of watching from the inside. I’m planning a Comic-Con trip with my close pals, my dad has Thanksgiving off for the first time in a LONG time, and the season of harvest is upon us. The Celtic Pagan holiday, Mabon, is a harvest celebration that emphasizes giving thanks to the Earth and reflect on the year thus far. Since it takes place during the Fall Equinox, the day and the night are equal in length, allowing a moment to contemplate on harmony, equity, and letting go of all that doesn’t promote harmony, love, and coziness in your life. Even people who don’t observe ancient Pagan holidays can take these intentions and bring them into the months to come. I hope your Fall is as warm & cozy as the playlist we made!

Editor’s pick: “Autumn Town
Leaves” –Iron and Wine
“In this autumn town where the
leaves can fall / on either side of the
garden wall / we laugh all night to
keep the embers blowing”

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